Thursday, September 30, 2010

She's two

. . .But convinced she's 3!
Every time we ask Jenna how old she is she says, "Free!" Her words are always causing us to laugh. She informed me that she had a "pee-pary" at Mamma's house the other day. It took me asking her about 3, or "free", times what she was saying before I realized she was saying, "Tea party".

My parents take each of the kids out on date for their birthday's after they're 3, or "free", years old.  Bethany went out with them yesterday, she decided to eat at McDonald's and then she went to a small farm and rode a horse.  Before she left, she went over to Jenna, gave her a hug and very motherly said, "Bye baby.  Be a good girl for Mommy!  I'll see you later."  Then she went over to Joseph rubbed him on the head and said, "Bye Bud."  As she walked off to leave she said, "And you be good for Mommy too!"
I can't believe she is only 6 and already I feel like I've somehow cloned myself.  There are moments my head swells with pride and I feel really great about the example I've set for her.  Then of course, I'll hear her impatiently snap at Joseph or Jenna when they are in need of help or wanting an answer.  She'll harshly ask, "WHAT!!??"  And I cringe as I think to myself, "Yup, she is watching me alright!"


Doll Clothes Gal Pal said...

She is adorable! I reckon she's a bit talkative now? :) I love it!

Hannahsmommy said...

That dress is adorable, what brand is it?

Miranda said...

It's from Crazy 8, I picked it up at a yard sale so it's probably from last season.