Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You rest during your kid's naptime, right?

I woke up this morning to the sound of Jenna calling, "Mommmmy, I wake! Mommmmmy, I wake!" Over and over, she hollered until I walked into her room, picked her up out of her bed and sent her downstairs with Bethany and Joseph. I crawled back into my own bed and I couldn't stop thinking about something I wrote in my blog post yesterday. I couldn't stop thinking about this statement, "I'm convinced He's waiting each morning for me to wake up and find Him."
I couldn't wait to see what He would say to me today so I pulled my Bible off the bed table. I opened it up to no particular place, just where it fell. As I glanced across the page, my eye caught a verse underlined in pink ink. The pink ink means it's been years since I'd underlined it, probably in 1998. I don't know when the last time was that I read across it, but it probably wasn't too long ago, I have a thing for the book of Isaiah. So, here is what I read, as if it were the first time, Isaiah 50:4b He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught. What a way for Him to start our day off, huh?!

The plan was to have an easy lunch today, a simple meal so that I could rest while the kids took naps. Let's face it, lunch is always pretty plain and easy. We've been downing quite a bit of Ramen Noodles lately, I think it's part of my plan to bring on fall weather already! I had supper in the Crockpot, but after tucking everyone away for the next hour or so I came downstairs to realize my time was not my own.
"Will it ever end?" I wondered, and then I thought, "Do I really want it to?"


Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

I don't think that I have rested during Maddie's nap time ever - not even when she was a newborn! Guess that's one of the "blessings" of motherhood. :)
Hope you're feeling well these days. Sending lots of love and prayers your way!

Melissa Nicole said...

I love how you share your heart. Your transparency is refreshing. :)

Our Family said...

So true how the messes & long days of motherhood can be long & tiring... but I'm not sure I want them to end either!!

e.s.t.h.e.r said...

I love when people can be so REAL and open! Such an encouragement! Thank You! <3