Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall break

It's fall break for us and we've been having so much fun. This week is going by too quickly. Usually when Joe is off work we spend most of our time around the house but this week we've been going non-stop and the schedule is full the rest of the week too. My Braxton-Hicks have lightened up a little, making it easier to stay busy.
I had an ultrasound today to check on Brady. He is estimated to weigh 4 lbs, the average for his age is 2.91 lbs, so a little big but not as big as I thought he might be. Everything looks healthy, the concerns they had from my last ultrasound were not warranted after this one. I'm very thankful for that and feel so grateful to be having a healthy boy. He is in the right position and has his exit strategy in order so no worries there. He was quite smashed up inside, we couldn't see him real well but the tech said it looked like he has hair and we definitely saw the chubby cheeks we've come to expect from our little ones. I'll have another ultrasound to check on his weight in a month or so.
Just because we are on fall break doesn't mean we aren't still in school. The first 9 weeks of school we read a biography about Daniel Boone. I wanted the kids to learn about some history that they would love and Daniel Boone was the perfect person for us to start with. To end up our study of his life and history we went to visit Fort Boonesborough. This replica fort is the same place I visited when I learned about Daniel Boone in school. It is a working fort with people re-enacting life back in 1775.
We watched a weaver, a tinsmith, a candle maker, and several other tradesmen. We saw what kind of furnishings they had back then and made once they arrived on the frontier.

We had been looking forward to going to tour the fort. All of us had enjoyed learning about Daniel Boone and his adventures, I was a little worried that when we finally made the trip it wouldn't be as great as we had hoped. Thankfully, it was perfect! The weather was beautiful and there were only a few other people there while we were. When we arrived at the gate to purchase tickets a man was trying to gather enough people to enter at the same time so that we all could have the group rate. The lady behind the window was kind enough to give us discounted tickets once we had enough people to qualify.
Bethany and Joseph loved seeing how life used to be. It was so rewarding when they were eager to go look inside the next cabin and truly wanted to know what was going on inside each one. I'm always amazing at what they have the ability to learn and retain. It's been several weeks since we finished our book about Daniel Boone, while we were there I was surprised at how much they remembered.
There was a sheep that kept bleating, Jenna loved it! She is so much fun right now and cute enough to eat {almost}. It's all we can do to keep from laughing at her antics most of time. Because usually her antics are not ones that should be encouraged, in fact it's quite the opposite. After the tour of the fort and looking around the state park, the kids played on a playground. Jenna's favorite thing is playgrounds and swing sets, she can spot a paygown miles away!
Joe took a turn swinging with the girls and Jenna kept yelling, "Don't fit Daddy, too wittle!"
On the ride home, after asking Bethany and Joseph what they had learned, I asked Jenna what she had learned about, mostly just to humor her. I never expected her to answer anything that pertained to our day. She said, "Dannel Boone." so then I asked, "What did Daniel Boone do?" "He shot." she answered. I asked her what he shot, thinking she would say animals, and she said, "He shot gun!"
Later on the ride home Joseph piped up from the far back seat and said, "Mommy, thank you for reading us a book about Daniel Boone and finding out about the fort and taking us to see it." My heart always melts at his overwhelming gratitude.
Homeschooling the kids is much more rewarding than I thought it would be. I've been blessed to have these first 9 weeks go so smoothly. I love watching them learn and grow, and am excited to continue learning with them. Now I have to decide who could be as exciting as Daniel Boone to study the next 9 weeks!

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Bonnie said...

Wish I could have come along. I love history of any kind but especially of the settlers since my Great Grandparents were settlers in the prairies.

We just bought a DVD set of the Daniel Boone tv series. My son and I have a watched a few episodes. I'd rather he watch that then the usual stuff for 8 yr olds on tv.

We are also reading "Little House On The Prairie" together. Reliving my youth and loving it!

So glad this was not a bloggy fall break you were writing of...little worried. So happy the BH have settled down somewhat.