Monday, October 11, 2010

In 1492

Happy Columbus Day!  I hope it's been a good one for you, considering it is a Monday.  I've pretty much been crashed and recouping from fall break and a weekend without Joe. He went camping and I hardly made it without his help.  I've sworn off bending over to lift or pick anything up.  This is a hard promise to keep with 3 small children.  My back and baby were glad to have home him again, not to mention I did miss his lovable self.  He is so good to me and takes great care of my very pregnant self.  The laundry was waiting for him when he came back, I realized I take him for granted.
The kids and I had a light day of school, with me mainly on the couch trying to appease my uterus that apparently hates me for being a mommy to 3 other children too busy. We read about Christopher Columbus and made these neat little ships.   The kids came up with the idea of sailing them on the map.  They fought over who had the Santa Maria, because it's the one that sank.  All three of them wanted their ship to be the one that sank, plus it was Columbus' favorite ship, so I guess it should be their favorite as well.
Over the weekend we spent some time with my mom, sister, sister-in-laws and nieces. We went to a local orchard, well, local, relatively speaking.  The kids had so much fun running, sliding, swinging and playing in the grain bins.  Joseph and Bethany loved rolling each other around. This is definitely a must do fall event if you live close by. It's one of those places the kids love to go and parents love to take their kids.

Jenna's had fun going down the slides on the hay pile.

Bethany loved the corn maze, which I have no pictures of because I didn't need to be trekking through a mile long maze across 3 acres.  While she was enjoying that with my mom, Joseph and Jenna were hanging out in the grain bin, digging in the corn.
My nieces are still too young to enjoy the fun that their elder cousins did, but I think they liked being outside, swinging and they even tried to sink their new teeth into some baby-size pumpkins.

The Vikings are on MNF tonight so I'm hoping to get my sewing machine out and work on a baby project while half listening, half watching the game. More than likely I'll end up falling asleep before it's over. There's nothing like Braxton-Hicks to continually remind me that time is of the essence and that I need to be getting my nesting finished, along with my Christmas shopping.
I plan on getting that post together about my nesting projects soon, I promised it how long ago?


etownpartyshop said...

I love your writings and pictures. You and Joe have a beautiful family. They look like they had so much good ole' country fun!

Doll Clothes Gal Pal said...

Such cool pictures and very very adorable kids!

{esther} said...

I love fall! We'll be taking our Munchkins to the orchard next week! Thanks for sharing pictures. I LOVE pictures. :0)