Friday, October 29, 2010

Random: blogging and boys

Since I've finally cleared my head and gotten past the my blogger's block, I thought I'd gather up some scattered thoughts and throw them out here for fun.
I've noticed several new faces to the right over there, I'm glad you found something here you want to see more of and feel that I'm interesting enough to follow.  Welcome to the newbies and a shout out to the old faithful stalkers, I really do appreciate ya'all.
And while I'm talking at ya'all, let me add that I love your comments.  Ya'all are too sweet and encourage me more than I ever expect.  Don't think I take any one of them for granted, they never get old!  I've been meaning to ask, I really don't reply to them often in my own comments section.  Most of the time if you are an unfamiliar commenter I will try to visit your blog and leave a comment there, but many of you don't have a blog listed on your profile.  Just wondering if this bugs any of you, do you ever come back around to see if I replied and I never do?  I think Blogger should definitely come up with an easier way for us to reply to comments, so that the commenter gets an email notification with the reply.  Wouldn't that be easier?  I'm sure they're on that already and it's in the works.
Now to totally switch gears, can we talk about boys?  My son has taken on some interesting habits lately.  First off, he's obsessed with anything Bass Pro.  He doesn't get it from his daddy, but has a Papaw and many uncle's we could point fingers at.  I think we are going to be taking him to the nearest store for his birthday in a little over a week.  He has a sale flier from the beginning of August that might as well be an the most important document in the history of the world. He has taken great care of it's fragile, newspaper like pages and knows each picture by heart.
My blogging pal, Bonnie recently shared a link that reminded me that Bass Pro has toys too.  I don't know about you but I have a difficult time finding great toys for any of my kids.  The aisles of Target never leave me too excited about what they're selling.  There are a lot of crumby toys to choose from in my opinion.  I don't usually get into the movie-media produced type toys, so neither do my kids. However, I know that Joseph would pretty much have a heart attack over anything from Bass Pro's toy selection.
While we are on the topic, I need to ask if any of you know much about or have any strong opinions about Leap Frog hand held toys.  I'm trying to figure out which one to choose for Bethany and Joseph's Christmas.  I'm looking into the Leapster2 or the Leapster Explorer.  I would love to hear what you think and which games you love or hate.  I've started on my Christmas shopping and this has caused a huge hang up for me.
Okay, now can we go back to my almost 5 year old boy?  He has this thing of spitting at his sister.  I know, my sweet lovable boy is displaying some passive aggressiveness!  It's his newest, and possibly best yet, defense tactic. He spat on her giant horse toy when she wouldn't listen to him the other day and even licked his hand and tried to rub it on her face to chase her away when she is quarreling with him. It's terrible really, and quite funny too.
His other current fault is his inability to locate anything.  If I should send him to retrieve something for me, I know he will not be able to find it.  Even if I tell him  Not-ta, nothing!  Frustrating.  The 19 library books, that were due on Wednesday and were renewed rather than returned, had to all be gathered and one was missing.  I asked Joseph to please search his room and closet for it and he returned empty handed.  The next day he walked into the room where I was sitting at the computer and tossed it on the desk.  I looked at him and said, "Well, well, well, where did you find that, I wonder?"  He gave me a slight grin and shrugged his shoulders.  When I asked again, his grin grew bigger and he rolled his eyes and in a high pitch voice said, "It was in my cwoset!"  I don't think it's worth asking if he'll outgrow this, is it?
We have a 4 day weekend and I'm super excited about it.  I have to go to the grocery and I'm super dreading it.  I'm kicking myself for putting it off til a Friday night already!  Wal-mart, I love you but hate you more.


Sarah B said...

I love your blog, I really enjoy that you talk about your faith and life as a mother. I am not sure if my blog is listed on my profile, but if you are interested you can find me at Austin's Mommy

Our Crazy Crew said...

I despise throwing my guys under the bus...BUT...the male blindness is a bone of contention. Always. On the other hand, my son finds all kinds of randomness noone was looking for. Is that related to selective hearing somehow?

BARBIE said...

Hello. I do receive an email notification whenever someone leaves a comment. It's in your Blogger settings. If I didn't have that it would be very hard to keep up with all my blog love! I hope you can figure out how to change yours. If you email me I can walk you through it.

{Kimber} said...

I am an "old" stalker...and you KNOW I think you're awesome :)