Tuesday, November 30, 2010

6 days or less

I dragged Joe to Walmart last night in the dark, cold rain. It was my plan to overstock the house one last time and possibly walk this baby out. My sweet mother watched the three kids so I could keep up a good pace. All the quantities I was adding to the cart worried Joe, he said, "How long are you planning on being out of commission?" I don't really know the answer to that question, but do I know that I don't want to be out in the Christmas craziness and cold weather if I don't feel up to it. If I am feeling home bound and ready to get out, it'll be on my own terms.
The shopping adventure wasn't a complete success, it obviously didn't accomplish my supreme goal. I just had contractions all night. By midnight, I was determined to sleep them off and get some rest. By morning, they have subsided and left me with a back ache, more pressure than ever and the pregnancy waddle is back. Perhaps in the grand scheme of things, my plan did something to hurry this baby boy out. Today however, Brady still sleeps and eats in the comfort of my tummy.
This last day of November is a nasty, cold and wet day. It's been dreary and dark all day. This morning, I face the tasks at hand and focus on the things that need doing.
It feels like my kids grow so fast, but this morning I was happy to realize, they each still fit in a laundry basket!
I've been folding laundry listening to this amazing CD, you can sample it here, but it's not as great as buying it. Raging River is currently on repeat but all the songs are incredible, you can listen to Grace Parade in it's entirety here. Matt and Joann Black are the sweetest couple and Joe and I have been loving their talents for a long time.
Then there's the dishes.

The Christmas tree has added some brightness to this gloomy day. I'm so glad to have the decorations out and be enjoying them. Last Sunday was the first Sunday of advent, our pastor is using Max Lucado's book 3:16. I have a serious weakness for anything Max Lucado writes, I feel like everyone knows this but he is an incredible author. If you haven't read any of his books you must get one, any of them. I think the first one I ever read was Just Like Jesus.
I know I'm not going to make it to church through the entire season of advent and I'm bummed to miss this series, so I ordered the book yesterday. I'll keep you posted, but I think it's gonna be a great way for me to celebrate the season. I can't wait to read it, it'll be perfect for these winter days. If you're wondering where I'm going to find the time to read a book with a new baby, here's the answer and it works {most of the time}.
I have beef stew on for supper, but haven't had a shower yet and the laundry still sits on the couch, and it's nearly 4 in the afternoon. Cooking has become a health hazard, I burnt my belly on the pot of soup today. This has happened to me each of my pregnancies I think, however last week, I actually caught my robe on fire! I burnt a hole in it!
Hope you are having a successful day, even if it is nasty and gloomy out! Now I should go see about a shower. . .


Melissa said...

He will be here soon and what a wonderful day (or night) that will be! I haven't accomplished much today either except messing up my sugar cookie dough (seriously???) and my fudge failed :( Hope you get all of your stuff done and enjoy this time with your kiddos!

Sarah B said...

How exciting, I can't wait to see pictures of little Brady! Good luck with everything and remember to take care of yourself!

I think guys often don't understand what pregnancy does to our body. I know after I had my son I also did not want to go in public much because it was also cold and flu season and you don't want to get those precious little ones sick. When I finally felt up to going out we went for a hike at a National Park to avoid people, but still get fresh air.

~Mom~ said...

We take the phone with us when we turn in at night now. We are just waiting for THE call. Getting excited over here. We are ready whenever Brady decides to make his appearance. Can't wait to see and hold him. God is so good!
I am praying for you both.
Love you!

Miranda said...

Maybe now that you're ready, it'll happen! Perhaps I have another Mamma'a boy on my hands and he just wants to keep you happy with him! :)

jenni said...

can a make a picture comment :) i love those big ornament things hanging from the ceiling. i also want to jump into your pictures and hang out with your pregnant waddle'ee self ~ hee! i love that i found your blog!!

Miranda said...

Those ornaments came from Dollar Tree Jenni. Thanks for reading and looking at my pictures! :) Your comment made me smile!

Wanting What I Have said...

You are rocking it! Keeping up with laundry and stocking the house, etc. I laughed when I read you burned a hole in your robe (i think...). I burned a hole in my maternity fleece jacket with number 2, and proudly wore it with number 3. :)

Jeff said...

Since you're a Lucado lover, he has a free Christmas devotional online here: http://bit.ly/aHuGBz