Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's been awhile

I've been waddling around today, in the privacy of my own home. When I go out later today I'll do everything in my power to refrain from the pregnant waddle, but until then my children don't seem to notice and my abs {who am I kidding} stomach and back appreciate any extra compensation I can give them.
I had a moment of sheer nesting panic yesterday, it hit me out of the blue. I'd been mulling over this idea of moving and shifting furniture for our entertainment center for a couple days. Suddenly, it just came over me and I had to start working on it right then. I started without Joe home, figuring I'd get as far as I could without him. This is never a good idea when you're 8 months pregnant, and I just might have, possibly, slightly overdid things. I'm not gonna admit that is the cause of my extra misery last night and today, but it could be.
My nesting panic is still haunting me in another way too. We came home late last night, and in a crazy state of trying to get my crazy plan tidied up and finished, Joe and I moved the TV. The TV that I didn't unplug the cables from the back of, so therefore, the cable wire for the satellite ripped the plug out of the back of the TV. So, we don't have TV right now. Instead we have to get some one to help Joe lug the 300 lb bear to the repair shop and then back again after we pay to fix it. Nesting isn't supposed to be this much trouble!!
Hello November!  I have always loved you but would heart you even more if we could work in a day for my 4th child's birthday somewhere toward the end of your 30 days.  This has to be my longest pregnancy ever, I must have miscounted or something!  I remember feeling desperate and eager to have my of first three children, but this is beyond believable.  I catch myself wishfully thinking Brady will come TODAY, but then I remind myself that he grows best and safest inside.  I'm just worried about how big he's gonna be.  I had an ultrasound on Tuesday, at 34 weeks and 2 days he was estimated to weigh 5 lbs. 8 oz., in the 90%.  And of course, that's give or take 18 oz!?!  But, given my history of having increasingly big babies I highly doubt there is any chance he's anywhere in the 18 oz less then 5lbs. 8 oz. range.
Brady's picture is on the fridge.  No can tell what they're looking at except me, I'll be glad when people can just look at him and admire him without me having to defend them thinking he looks like a deformed alien or why he only has one eye.
{We finally found all nineteen library books and got them returned safe and sound.  I paid the fine and we checked out 19 new ones.  That was with my turning away at least 19 other books the kids wanted to get.  That's my receipt on the fridge!  I really love the library and the fact that we can go through so many books about such a broad range of subjects.  If we keep up this kind of late-fee-funding, our library is going to love us back just as much and I'm going to have a bench or bookshelf with my name on it by the time all my kids are out of school.}
Speaking of school, I was thinking today about how good it is that Bethany doesn't have all the distraction at home like she would if she was in class with 20 some other kids.  She can keep her concentration and really focus. . .
Her learning is never hindered.  Yeah, we never have to deal with distractions!  Jenna never tries to get attention!

Bethany and Joseph were able to do some preparations for Brady's arrival last night. We took them to Super Sibling Class at our local hospital.  They made birthday cards to bring to Brady while he is in the hospital, got special arm bands to wear when they come meet him and learned all about taking care of a new baby.
Bethany took her doll and Joseph took George. The nurse taught them how to hold, feed, swaddle and change their babies diaper. Joseph had his own way of doing things and didn't mind telling the nurse so.  "I'll just do it my way."  he told the her after she demonstrated how to swaddle a baby.  At the end of the class she said, "That boy marches to the beat of his own drum doesn't he?"  She is so right!
Since Joseph's birthday is coming up on Sunday the nurse picked him to demonstrate wearing all the fun hospital attire. Then all the kids got to dress up and wear it while they toured the birthplace and nursery area. It was a really great class and they both enjoyed it. The nurse made the class fun and was great with all the kids.  This is a must do if you have older little ones going to be big brothers or sisters.
My hubby is home so I must run waddle now. 


~Mom~ said...

I know you feel miserable and you think you waddle like a duck...(OK, maybe you do walk like a duck a little) But it's really cute! but seriously, you look beautiful and I can't wait to see little Brady. God is and will be with you every step of the way. Love you and so proud of you. Brady will be here before you know it.
Praying for you.
Love you

Wanting What I Have said...

Hee hee...this post made me laugh. i am so sorry you've had such a time with nesting. Those things seem to come in heaps...when it rains, it pours. LOVE the hospital photos! How very fun!

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!!!

Catherine Anne said...

Wonderful to catch up! Prayers and thoughts to you~