Thursday, November 11, 2010

Possibly my messiest post ever

It's gonna be a rough read through this. . .
Don't ask where I've been, cause I honestly don't have a long list of explanations. Nothing interesting or impressive to show for my absence here. I just know that I'm slowly trying to get things accomplished before Brady comes, and that my desk chair kills my back.  By the time I do the minimal checking of emails and such I'm ready to be out of this seat.  The couch is much more comfy!
We are still hanging in here, Brady and I.   I have become a we, and me is now us.  It feels like we are going to be together FOREVER!! The less time I have left, the longer it feels. I've debated, contemplated and eventually fought off the urge to have a full blown pity party for myself. Though I've definitely felt sorry for myself.  It seems like such a ridiculous thing to have a melt down over, I just want this baby out of me already!
The physical toll has started to wane my emotional and mental health. {I'm not quite sure if I used the word wane correctly!?} I feel really guilty even complaining like this, children are such a blessing and I don't want anyone to think that I take this blessing for granted. I am truly honored and humbled to be having another baby. Half of my wavering mental and emotional health is caused from my anxious anticipation and excitement of finally getting to hold and love on my new baby boy. I just can't wait any longer!!
Joseph turned 5 over the weekend. Though I can't believe he is 5 I am super excited about having a 5 year old boy. I'm learning to celebrate my children's birthdays and not mourn over them.  He's so much fun, I'm loving watching him grow up. We took him to Bass Pro as planned and he was in heaven. It was a great day. He wanted everything but was perfectly content to take home his $5 LED light that clips on his hat bill.
As we were leaving we asked him how he liked Bass Pro. Joseph is normally reserved when it comes to talking about his feelings, few words say a lot.  So when he said, "They have a lot of stuff, I LOVED it!" We knew he really enjoyed himself. And the fact that he hasn't stopped talking about it since continues to confirm, we have an outdoors man in training.
Bethany sweetly gave Joseph a Wal-mart bag full of re-gifted toys of his and hers.  He hurriedly threw them out as fast as he could so that he could open his "real" presents!  Why can't this kinda sibling generosity last forever!?

These pictures are in the wrong order and I'm tired of playing with them and not having any success, so here that are, just like they are.  My camera was on the wrong setting for several days so all my pictures over the weekend came out a bit yucky. My brain is only half working I think. 
Nothing is simple, everything I start turns complicated.  Just like this blog post, I'm getting a message telling me my Picasa account is full and I have to purchase more storage space.  Isn't that a dandy!?  I didn't know such a thing would happen eventually and now I really don't want to be dealing with this!! 
We gave Joseph a Nerf bow for his birthday from Bass Pro.  He loves it.  It took him some getting used to, but he has learned to shoot it well and thinks it's super cool.  He hasn't put down his bow or Nerf double barrel shotgun down since Sunday.  I finally made him take his camo clothing Aunt Carrie gave him off so I could wash it.
 So, I just caved and paid up.  I can now post the pictures I want.  Against my will I handed over $5 to Google!  What does this mean, a life of dues for photo storage!?  Anyone already held captive by this wonderful feature Google offers and can convince me I'm gonna love paying for picture storage?!  Are you picking up the fact that I'm a tight wad yet, and a very cranky pregnant woman who really needs to quit typing at her uncomfortable chair and go crash on the couch after I waddle to pee for the 27th time today!?!  I know, that is a run-on and record one at that.

I bid you all good-night.  I'm hopeful for another blog post soon, I've got stuff to share, but no promises!


Jeff, Dana, Hayden and Landon said...

Hang in there Miranda! The end or beginning depending on your perspective is just around the corner. You already know it will all be worth and this will become a distant memory and that's what keeps us wanting more babies. The bad parts have a way of looking less difficult the further away from them we get. Praying for you and Happy Birthday to your Big boy! That bow looks cool too

Arlene said...

:) I see you often, but still miss you in blog world, when you have these LOOOONG breaks. I never get tired of seeing pictures of my grandchildren, whether you live far away or close.
Hope you have a good night.

Sarah B said...

Hang in there lady, you are doing a great job!

Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

You're almost there!!!! He'll be here before you know it, and then you'll be celebrating Brady's 5th birthday. Crazy how fast time goes.

Nate and Erin said...

Joseph rocks! Love that he's into the Bass Pro stuff!

It's okay to have a pity party, just don't spend too much time there! =)