Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Still waiting

Psalm 116:12
How can I repay the Lord for all his goodness to me?

Well, I wish I has some really amazing news to share with you guys, but it's not so.  The last few days have been flying by as I've been tying up the last of the Christmas decorating and homeschooling in order to take Thanksgiving break {of course, in hopes that it might turn into a baby break!}.  My nesting list is really down to the last couple lines, with no obvious signs of Brady making an appearance, but that doesn't mean much I guess.  I'm 12 days away from induction, and really hoping I don't go that long.  However, I'm fine with not going for a few more days too.  I know that means Brady is growing and getting healthier.
It feels good to feel ready.  I had a couple nights of bad sleep, but the past two have been much better so I'm just waiting.  I went to the hospital on Monday for a non-stress test {NST} to monitor Brady and make sure his heart rate and activity were good.  It was fun to lay there and listen to his heartbeat, certainly can't wait to listen to it while I'm in labor!!  I have another NST tomorrow morning before our two Thanksgiving meals and had a doctors appointment this morning.  All is going steady and well, my doctor didn't check me since I'm not having any signs of labor.
The kids and I made a thankful chain of all the things we could think of to be thankful for.  I decided to try something different this year instead of the Thankful Jar since we've done it for several years now.  Bethany was a little disappointed and wanted to know if we could do the Thankful Jar next year again, although by the time we finished she liked this too.
I decided to wrap it around our garland on the upstairs railing.  I cause myself so much work sometimes!  Yesterday I had so many other things I could've and should've been doing.  When our Thankful Chain was much, much to short to wrap the entire length of the garland we {then I} sat, and thought, and cut, and wrote, more things we were thankful for until my brain was fried!!  Seriously, this little quick craft was supposed to take maybe thirty minutes but I extended it through the entire afternoon!  Oh, well, thankfully it's finished now and we get to enjoy it the rest of the season.
Thanksgiving and Christmas have kinda ran together this year and I'm not opposed to it any longer.  Being thankful is a great way to start the Christmas season and the two really do go hand in hand.  I will probably enjoy this Christmas more than any other because I have so much shopping, decorating and wrapping finished up already.

My brother, sister-in-law and niece are in from out of state for the weekend, so it would be kinda nice to have Brady while they are here.  I'm sure since I'm willing and hoping to have him, he won't come though.  If I'm not having a baby I'll be enjoying the holiday with family.  As usual, I'll keep you posted and you can assume that no news, is no news!!  I hope you all have a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving Day!  The Lord is good!


Bernadette said...

Hey Miranda-
I had the funniest dream the other night that you sent Brady (via the usps) to me and a friend of mine to take to MOPS with us and he was just 5 days old but he was already sitting up. We put him in an outside swing and he sat up and we were amazed. I have no idea what I ate before bed... but I woke up and prayed for you. :) Meant to send you a message about it sooner, but I forgot unitl I saw today's post! Praying for you and your crew!

Miranda said...

WOW!! That is CRAZY Bernadette! I'm speechless, what can I say about the dream!? You sounds like me remembering so many insane details and I'm sure they seem so vivid and real! :) Thanks for sharing and for the prayers, Happy Thanksgiving!!

jenni said...

Miranda - i think i really underestimated your crafty abilities until reading through your site, wow :) i love! love! love! what you have done for the holidays :)