Monday, November 15, 2010

Time to get serious

Here are a few pictures from a couple weeks ago.  I told you the belly is huge!
My weekend was filled with false labor.  It started Friday evening and remained all through the night and all day Saturday.  I packed my bags for the hospital on Saturday, just in case.  As miserable as I've been, I didn't have my act together and wasn't really wanting to have a baby just yet.  By Saturday night things calmed down and Sunday I had more like Braxton Hicks off and on.
Today I decided it was time to get things squared away once and for all, and finish up my nesting list.  So, that next time I have this happen I can be fully ready to have a baby with no apprehensions or reservations.  The kids rooms have been highly neglected for sometime.  Toys, clothes, leftover Sunday school crafts, art projects and random collected treasures cluttered and covered the floors, drawers and closets.  The toys were everywhere, miscellaneous pieces to different toy set were strung between the two bedrooms, two closets and the toy shelf.  With the kids help we tackled it head on and made so much progress.  The kids all worked really hard and continually put-this-here, and took-that-there most of the day.  They picked almost everything off the floor, either putting it away or putting it within my grasp without me having to bend over.  I'd imagine they're all sleeping really good right now, after all those trips up and down the stairs.
I'm going to be sleeping well too, as I rest with the satisfied feeling of knowing my to-do list for day looks good!
Clean Joseph's room and closet
Clean Bethany and Jenna's room and closet
Toy de-tox
Clean fish tank
Make beef stew
Organize Brady's clothes
Tomorrow I'm hoping to finish  up the list by crossing off the last item of business.  That doesn't mean I don't have new tasks for tomorrow, but only a few.  I'm definitely nearing the end.
Every year since Joe and I have been married we have gotten a real Christmas tree, and every year before I was married to Joe my family put up a real Christmas tree.  It's a great tradition and always so much fun finding the perfect tree.  But this year, I'm just anxious to get a tree and all the Christmas decor up before the baby comes and obviously it's much too early to put up a real tree.  For the first time ever, I'm contemplating buying an artificial tree, it just makes since.  I've just about convinced myself that we must do this and do this immediately.  And, of course we can always get a real tree in future years if we decide it's worth the hassle after going the artificial route.  Time did not allow for it today, but tomorrow we may be going shopping for a tree.
Now I'm off to bed in hopes of a good nights sleep with less than 4 pee breaks!

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