Saturday, December 11, 2010

The arrival of number 4

 Psalm 126:3
The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.
It became quickly obvious while I was trying to upload pictures, that this is all going to take more than one post, and more time than I have right now.  So, I'm going to try to make a start of all these past few days.  They have been wonderful and amazing, and I only wish I wasn't so sleep deprived and in pain to fully enjoy them.  But, I am savoring them to the fullest of my ability.  There is nothing like this time in my life.
After my cleaning spree that I really didn't plan on sending me into labor, I had contractions off and on Friday night, Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday.  I was active but also tried to rest and was determined not to wear myself out in order to try to induce a labor that might not come and leave me only exhausted for my induction on Monday the 6th.
By Sunday, I really just laid around and we all rested up.  Joe was watching football and around 4:00pm I asked him to check the time on the TV because I was curious how close together my contractions were.  I thought they might be every 10 minutes or so, and wanted to see if they had any sort of pattern.  To my astonishment, the first time we checked they were 5 minutes apart, then 6 or 7.  They weren't really painful and I was undecided whether or not I was in labor.  After 45 minutes or so, I decided I should take a shower and see how I felt after that.  We had already planned on taking the children to my mom's to spend the night, because of my induction time at 6:00AM the next morning.  After my shower, the contractions were stronger, some of them more intense and 4 minutes apart so we decided to go ahead and load up the kids to take them to my mom's and see how I felt from there.
I sat on my mom's couch from 5:30PM-7:15PM, my contractions stayed consistent, were tolerable and I was still uncertain if I was really in labor.  They had been 4 minutes apart for a couple hours and Joe became insistent that we should go to the hospital.  It took him awhile to convince me, finally I started worrying that I might be in labor and I certainly didn't want to miss my opportunity for an epidural.  I was especially concerned about that because I was worried that I was having another 9lbs. 6oz. or larger baby.
We arrived at the hospital at 7:30PM, the nurse checked me and I was dilated to 4, they were definitely keeping me and immediately put me in a labor and delivery room.  It was very surreal and I was SO happy to be having Brady, without induction. It had been such a long nine months and I was ready to meet this sweet boy.
As always the worst part of my labors is the IV, I tried to forewarn without doubting my nurse's ability that I'm a hard person to stick.  She tried twice and failed, they called in another nurse who was able to get an IV in but it wasn't in correctly and  my arm swelled up.  Finally, a third nurse was called in and she was able to get an IV in after a lot more pain.
I received the epidural around 10:30PM and the next hour and half I was able to rest and anxiously await the proclamation of 10cm.  That happened around 12:17AM, the 6th day of December.  I pushed 2 times, the nurse retrieved my wonderful doctor and with 2 more pushes out came Brady Alton at 12:37AM!
The kids were out in the waiting room for most of my time at the hospital, it's the latest they have ever stayed up.  I'm told they were very well behaved and excited.  Bethany said she felt like a grown up because she was able to stay up so late. Once it was announced to them that Brady was born, Joseph started pacing the waiting room eager to get back and see his little brother.
Brady looks very much like Joseph, but favors Bethany and Jenna too.  He has strawberry blond hair, not quite as red as Joseph's was at birth, about the same color as it is now.  I was shocked that he weighed less than Jenna, and so happy about it!!  He weighed 9lbs. 0.01oz. and was 21 in. long,

Brady looks a lot like his daddy too.  Words cannot describe how much this man means to me.  My heart has been overflowing in gratitude and love for all that he has done for me over the past 5 days.  He has been my most excellent mate and lovingly attended to my needs, physically and emotionally.  I am blessed to live this life with him.  To be loved is the greatest gift, I am humbled by his love for me.
Since we have been home from the hospital he has been in constant demand.  We have all been calling, yelling and demanding his attention at once, he is doing a great job being a husband and dad.
It was so late when the kids finally were able to come back and meet Brady.  Jenna was a bit confused, she understood that the baby was Brady, but kept asking where his mommy and daddy were.  After being in the room for a few minutes and seeing Brady, Bethany exclaimed, "I just can't believe it!!"  When I asked her what it was that she couldn't believe she said, "That I have two brothers!!"

It took awhile for everyone to get their turn holding Brady and I still don't think any of us have had our fill of loving on him. The older three kids have all done amazing with him and are making the transition with excitement.
Though I had a really fast and what I consider easy delivery, I've had one of the rockiest recoveries.  I've been in a lot of pain and tears, but it's getting better.  I am naturally not a very compassionate person and I'm learning the Lord is molding me into having more compassion through the pain he allows me to go through.  I am so thankful for His healing and look forward to being well again soon.
We are so very blessed and in awe of the Lord's great provision to us.  We thank Him and praise Him for all His goodness to us.


Sidnie said...

I am so in love.

I know y'all are too. Congrats, and I'm so glad Brady decided to come on his own.
I could stare at his sweet forever.

Enjoy, Mama. Remember to rest.
Lots of love.

Nate and Erin said...

Loved the post and appreciate them so much because I know you're so tired and not that comfortable. Much love to you all! ~Aunt Erin

Kristen & Cliff said...

Aw, made me cry remembering when our girls met their brother 5 months ago. The time has flown by and I am ready to do it again! There is nothing like it in the world. Rest up and enjoy your blessed family!!!!

BARBIE said...

What a beautiful birth story, so filled with love. I love all of the pictures of your little ones meeting Brady! You have a beautiful family. I pray your recovery gets better and that you are up and around soon!

Sharon said...

There is nothing that compares to God's beautiful gift of new life. I still continue to be amazed by it all. May you your family be blessed with God's blessings of his perfect gift from your heavenly Father who loves you!

We rejoice with you!

Lyndsay Taylor said...

Oh I am so excited. Wonderful post!!!!!! you all are just beautiful. Praying for you through the recovery!!!

Eleana said...

Thank-you for sharing this with us. What a beautiful and loving family you have.

{Kimber} said...

I'm so terrible!!! I've been out of blogland and I missed it!!!

he is so adorable Miranda!! so squishy and sweet!! CONGRATS