Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had snow in our faces this Christmas morning, who doesn't love a white Christmas?!  It was perfect.  {Thanks Mom for taking this picture.  I'm sorry for all the times I've rolled my eyes because you were taking another picture.  Something tells me I'm in for major paybacks, how is it that I now treat my children the same way!?}    As if this Christmas wasn't magical enough with having a new little one to celebrate with, the snow was the icing on the cake.  Brady is definitely the best Christmas present ever.
We had our family Christmas on Christmas Eve morning.  Joe's family always has their family gathering Christmas Eve night and my family's is on Christmas day, so it's beginning to be our tradition for Christmas Eve morning.  I thought my kids would be super excited when they came down and saw the gifts under the tree, but I guess they haven't gotten the hang of Christmas morning yet.  When I came downstairs the first thing out of their mouths was, "What's for breakfast?"  Seriously, we have breakfast every morning, presents not so much!  I guess this day is truly the biggest day of the year at our house still.
The night before the kids opened their gifts to each other.  Joseph gave Brady a telephone, Brady gave Joseph a set of toy guns, the boy didn't need anymore guns, Jenna gave Bethany some art stuff and Bethany picked out this Minnie Mouse dress up for Jenna.  She LOVES it and wore it to bed, so Christmas Eve morning she was in it rather than pj's.  Jenna has a reputation for often waking up to be quite the grouch until after breakfast, that morning was without exception.  She laid on the love-seat and refused to pose in front of the tree.
Finally, after some bribing and threatening, she got in the Christmas spirit.  They all did and couldn't wait to rip into their gifts.

Joseph and Bethany both got a Leapster2.  They are a big hit.  They are learning games so that made me feel better about them spending so much time playing them.  The house fell to a silence after they opened them though. 
Every gift that Jenna opened we'd ask, "What did you get?"  and she would say, "A box."
A few funny snippets of life with Jenna this Christmas..
We have started calling her, Tornado, at first it was because of her special way of making messes and now it's because we love hearing her adamantly say, "NO, I not da tor-na-do!!!"  She has become very demanding and whiny over the past couple weeks, I'm not sure if it's related to having a new little brother or related to being 2 and half.  I do know having Joe at her every beckon call has not helped.  He is more accommodating than I am, and he has tried to compensate for my lessened time with her.  I am determined that we must nip it in the bud before he goes back to work next week, or at least get a good start.
While driving through our local park to see Christmas light displays, she saw a Santa waving and said, "He's wavin' at me!!"  on our second time going through the park another night, she remembered that there a was a display of Santa in a barrel, and his elves and Mrs. Claus were washing his clothes.  So she kept watching for the "naked" Santa.  Naked is one of her favorite words.  When she is getting her clothes changed she'll yell, "I naked, I naked!"
When we ask her who is in the manger she'll say, "Bab-by Jesus" his mother's name is "Murray" and his daddy's name is "Jophie".
Joseph asked us the other day if it was true that if a movie has 4 stars then it has 4 funny people in it.  Bethany told him that's what it meant!
I have so little time to blog all the other details of Christmas, but it was a very memorable one.  I hope yours was as well.


~Mom~ said...

Thanks Miranda! Just keep taking pictures. I only wish I had taken more. One day they will thank you! ;)

Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

Aha! So that's what it is...Mom is making up for not taking as many as she would have liked when you all were little. She's going picture crazy with the grandbabies! ;)

Sarah B said...

Such great pictures, you have a beautiful family! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!