Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's finally here!!!

Sweet December!
I thought you'd never get here!
Happy December!  
Where did the time go?  Oh, yeah I've been wishing it away for the past nine months!  I can't believe it's finally here, and that I'm going to have a December baby. I really thought he would arrive before now, but what do I know!?
So, December 1st starts a new countdown til Christmas at our house.  Last year I made the 10 Day Countdown as you might recall and the kids can't wait to get started on it.  This year I'm adding an idea I got from some one, somewhere in blogland.  I wish I knew from whom and where, so that I could give them credit where credit is due, if it was one of my readers please speak up!
All year I've been shopping thrift stores and yard sales, slowly adding to our Christmas storybook collection.  I especially love finding old children's Christmas books, but I have newer ones too.  So even though I don't have 25 books, I've wrapped them and the kids will get to open one most days between now and Christmas.  Several of them have more than one story in them, so that will keep us busy too.  They love books, so this it perfect for us.

I was thrilled to recently receive Anthony DeStefano's book, Little Star in the mail to review.  It's an excellent children's book and a great addition to our collection of mostly nativity type Christmas stories.  My kids will definitely enjoy the story from a new perspective of Christmas.
How about you, what are your favorite Christmas reads?


Melissa said...

LOVE IT! I'm doing the same thing except it might not start on December 1st since I haven't even found all our books yet! I'm hoping to get it done this week and start the countdown!

Bonnie said...

Terrific idea. I might be able to do that with some of the books we already have. I started Friday night Christmas movie night and that has been fun.

Thinking of you and waiting to hear the news.

Anonymous said...

such a cute idea- you are the best mom- sometimes i want a do over! other times no way.Ha!

Sarah B said...

Cool idea, and for me it would be extra nice because my son is 22 months and is still oblivious to the whole present opening concept so doing this will teach him about opening gifts in time for Christmas, thanks!