Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 in the book

It took a cup of strong coffee to keep me up this late, coffee that required enormous amounts of cream and sugar. This New Year's Eve was quiet, meaning we stayed home in our pj's, but it was loud as the kids ran around the house. The sleepier they became the louder Jenna sang, the faster Joseph ran around and jumped  on the living room furniture and the more Bethany talked. And they only stayed up until 10.
We sat the kids down to talk about all the great things that happened in 2010, I decided to get my book and jot down all the things we could remember. I keep a book close by and occasionally will write down thoughts that seem too personal for blogging. In the front of the book are stories and entries starting in 2006 that I journaled before I started blogging in 2008.
Bethany asked what was written in my book so I told her and then she wanted me to read it to them. For close to an hour I flipped through the pages and read story after story of funny and sweet things Joseph and Bethany did and said in their toddler years. It was very neat to remember because most of it I'd forgotten, but reading it brought it all back clearly.
I thought I'd share some of the things that were mentioned here as well. It was a sweet time with our kids and a reminder of how much older Bethany and Joseph are becoming. It's fun having them join in on these kinds of conversations and hearing their thoughts.
Bethany suggested I write about us getting our first artificial tree this year. Then, she shared this memory from 2010, "When Joseph rubbed my back when Brady was born. Because he wanted to hug me. Because he was SO happy to have a brother." I know exactly the moment she was talking about, what a great memory!!
The book has things jotted down like, Joseph learned to do sit-ups, dump the garbage and got a brother. Jenna learned to go potty, talk and sing. Bethany learned to read. We joined a new church, sold a home, bought a home, lived with my parents, moved twice. I became pregnant despite imbalanced thyroid hormones and nutrients. We read 2 books aloud as a family and Joe read completely through the Bible for the first time. Brady was born!
We started listing some major repairs my dad did for us that saved us money. Then we tried to remember every single thing he has fixed for us this year. At the beginning Joe said, "It's been a light year for your dad and our household." He is right, we have had years where he spent many long nights and days under our house, on our roof and hugging all of our cars and van engines. He fell through the rotten floor of our bathroom in our first home, while he was remodeling our shower, while we were on our honeymoon. He has worked in the dead of winter, sweat through many shirts and bled due to working on projects for us.
So, we started listing things off, Bethany and Joseph helped us remember. Certainly not in order. He cleaned out our water heater and replaced the elements. Fixed the TV. Removed old dining room flooring and installed new dining room flooring. Fixed our toilets, put up light fixtures in the bathrooms, built a loft in our garage, and fixed duct work in the attic. Replaced the motor in our furnace at our old house.  Checked over our new home before we bought it, installed micro-hood, helped us shop for micro hood and refrigerator, put on new door knobs and put up our mailbox. Installed our kitchen sink and faucet, repaired a leak under the sink, helped us move twice. He let us live in his basement for 4 weeks, and store our furniture in his garage during that time. Worked on our van, replaced the tie rods and wheel bearings, fixed air leaks in the hoses. Put down several thresholds, sharpened tractor blades and painted the underside of the mowing deck. Fixed Bethany's toy laptop. Bethany remembered he fixed our leaking shower and patched the ceiling. Let us borrow his car numerous times, fixed the storm door that the wind whipped out of shape. Fix the backdoor so it would latch better. And today, he fixed out duct work under our house. This is all that we can think of, I'm sure we've missed many other things. He's just that great. And remember, this was a light year for him! Thanks Daddy!
Seven pages later, we finished our list of blessings and events in 2010.
Happy New Year, I'm going to get my midnight kiss!
P.S. There is always a 9 in 10 chance that crumbs are on our table.

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