Monday, January 24, 2011

Coping with winter

We've had so much fun playing in the snow and enjoying extra time with family.  The snows days have been great for me to catch up on cleaning and organizing.  I'm not too sick of winter yet, but will be happy to greet spring when it gets here.  How do you pass the long winter days?  I like to window shop online, it's a fun and something I can do from home.  I've created a wish list and am adding things that I'd like to buy when possible.  Some items are needed and some are purely indulgent.  I've been shopping swingsets, our backyard needs one!  The kids will love to go out and play when the weather warms up. is my favorite online store, they have everything!
I couldn't find Jenna today, I called for her and she didn't answer.  This was just after I'd previously discovered her behind closed doors with a book ripped to shreds, so I was a little worried.  I walked past my bedroom on my way downstairs to search for her and glanced in to see if Brady was still sleeping.  The crazy girl had climbed in the crib with him and was laying next to him. 

Marshmallows are Jenna's very favorite snack, the ladies in the church nursery figured out how much she liked them without me telling them.  She is a bit obsessed with the fluffy sugar pills.  I must admit that I resorted to giving her a whole pot full.  They kept her entertained while Bethany and I had school today.
Bethany's little kitchen recently was pulled from a closet where it could still be played with.  Somehow it's like a brand new toy when it's in the living room.  Jenna calls it hers and loves cooking at it.  I'm glad to see it's being loved again.
Brady is growing, he is precious!  I need to get some recent pictures of him.  He's 7 weeks today.  He's more alert and smiling, especially in the mornings.  Hope you had a happy Monday!


~Mom~ said...

Looks like you are coping with winter well.
Snow angels, sledding, sweet sleeping baby and marshmallows cooked on the stove.
Pictures say it all. Well, they at least say some of the good things about this winter.

Sidnie said...

That last picture, with that sweet sleeping face, is precious.
We cope with winter by emptying toy boxes into the floor everyday. :) And dance parties are a must to burn off that boy energy.

It sounds like y'all are adjusting well to being a family of six and figuring out how to make it all work.
I was impressed with myself for figuring two kids out; I can't imagine the feeling of figuring out life with four kids. :)

Bonnie said...

That brings back so many memories of Gage and the other 3 playing. Good that I remember the precious moments too.

We finally warmed up here in Western Canada so the kids made a snowman and have been outside playing in the snow. I am still sick but coping.

Have a happy Tuesday!

Sarah B said...

My friend Brandi is doing a CSN gift certificate giveaway on her blog, it ends today, but maybe you can enter quickly.

Eleana said...

I'm partial to marshmallows myself :o)
Glad to hear that things are going well in your winter wonderland.

Christina said...

My little girl likes to climb into her baby brother's crib, too. It's adorable, although the first few times she did it I was scared she would somehow squish him...