Thursday, January 13, 2011

Offically moved into our sick house

My sweet sister left her camera at my house overnight.  Did she really think I'd leave it in the corner and not think twice about it?  I couldn't resist the opportunity to work with her super, nice, professional Canon.  I didn't know how to work it very well, but managed to get by.  Didn't matter if I used it correctly or not, it made me happy and I needed some camera happiness today, more on that later.
Isn't the quilt gorgeous?  I think it is amazingly beautiful, I love the colors.  It's not mine, it's Brady's I have to keep reminding myself.  My mom made it for him, thanks Mamma. It's so special and something I'll, we'll, he'll treasure always. 
The little monkey hat was a gift from my brother and sister in law.  It fits and I'm forcing myself to not think about the fact that it was entirely too big for him 5 weeks ago.  Isn't it cute?  Thanks guys, btw, I've written thank-you notes, but can't seem to get to the post office for stamps.  To everyone whom I owe a thank-you note, I'm sorry, please forgive me and can I just blame my poor etiquette on my 4th child?  My mother taught me better!
The snow came, not the storm I was hoping for, but enough to get Joe out of school for a couple days.  The first day we shared time with friends.  The kids went sledding with their daddy's and my friend and I stayed in with our smallest ones.  I didn't take a single picture because I was enjoying talking by the fire too much.  My friend managed to get a few pictures while I was nursing Brady though.
Our second snow day I tackled our walk-in closet that has never been right since we've moved in.  It was a disaster zone.  It had some shelving issues that were causing the clothes rod to sag and I had boxes of clothes that had never been unpacked because I was wearing maternity clothes until last month.  It was a nine hour job, yes nine and I worked pretty consistently.  I slept better last night knowing it was finished.  And I'm now inspired to continue organizing throughout the rest of the house.  It's official though, we are moved in, the last box is unpacked!
This day was back to routine, or at least begin creating a routine with 4 kids.  Between snow days and Christmas break we haven't had a routine since Brady was born.  It started off really great, I was up early, made a to-do list, spent time with God, we had school, I had time to take pictures, I attacked the laundry, I was set for success!
I had my act together so well, I even got supper in the Crockpot.  It was meatloaf, it's my latest Crockput meal, I was going to share it with you.  Use any meatloaf recipe you like and throw it in there.  Well, I realized at 4 that I'd forgotten to plug it in, so I am definitely not the Crockpot Queen!!
We've been having some issues with the amount of hot water we have for the past 3 days.  Today I realized the water heater whistled and ran continually.  Joe did some investigating and discovered that it had been pumping water outside.  Not sure what the real problem is but it's wasting water and using excessive amounts of energy for a day or more.  Probably 3, oh joy!  This all came the very day I paid the $500 electric bill from last months heating and air mishap.  Are you kidding me?  As Bethany said, "Our house is sick!"
To say the least, I've had a long day.  I've needed Jesus even more than usual, which I know isn't really a bad thing.  Joe reminded me as I was stressing out that this isn't that terrible and I'm not really stressed.  I kindly told him that I sure feel stressed, for not being stressed!  I know he is right.  We do need to pray for our very sick house though.  And I'm believing that this isn't what routine life will be with 4 kids!  Can I get an amen?


jenni said...

pictures are too cute! glad you had fun with the camera :)

~Jenn said...

Praying for your sick house :) Before you know it, you'll look back and laugh. You should see my laundry pile up because I've been holding my teething's baaaaad!

Traci said...

praying that your "sick house" gets well soon!

Jenn said...

Oh yikes! From heater to fun! Praying all goes better for you and that the water problem doesn't cost you too much.

You got some SUPER DUPER cute shots with that "borrowed" camera. :) I just love babies!!