Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oh, boogers!

"Mommy, I got a booger in my nose."
That's what Jenna walked into my room saying, as I was changing Brady's diaper. I had just told Joseph to find a different pair of jeans because the ones he had on were too big, and I had been helping Bethany look for her leggings before Brady's diaper became an urgent matter. Bethany couldn't find her leggings anywhere, not under her bed, not in her closet, not in the sock basket, and certainly not in her drawer, because she had pulled everything out of her dresser to prove it. I was trying to get my make-up on but had stopped to go find her leggings myself.
So, this was me, half dressed with only half my make up finished, coaching Joseph from across the house on which jeans to get on, interrupted from looking for the MIA leggings to change a diaper. Joe was downstairs running the Swiffer chasing down the crumbs from under the table. He had come home to find me desperately behind on laundry, dishes and housework. If you didn't know that those few seconds I just described as my life is my all day reality, you would think I'd sat on the couch eating ice cream and watched TV leaving the children to fend for themselves. He was in a hurry to get the 3 loads of laundry folded and put away, the dishes done, and the dining room cleaned up before we left the house.
I finished the diaper duty, grabbed a tissue and told Jenna to blow her nose. She complained that she still had a booger in her nose so I laid her on my bed and sure enough I could see a big green booger up her nose. I told her to blow again and she sniffed instead. Again I tried to explain to her how to blow out and she sniffed in. I didn't have time, so I retrieved some tweezers and tried to get it out that way. She wiggled and squirmed, until after a couple tries I realized we weren't getting anywhere and we weren't dealing with any ole booger, not a booger at all.
I kept asking her, "What did you put in your nose Jenna?" "It's a booger.", was all she would tell me. I wasn't getting anywhere and the more I tried to work with her the more frustrated I became with my already frustrating day. I gave up and hollered downstairs for Joe to come see. "We're going to have to take her somewhere to get this thing out!" I moaned.
Joe worked his magic Daddy powers and despite my pleading with him to not tell her to blow out because she would just sniff in again, he explained how to blow her nose. {I don't know of anything significant he told her that I hadn't told her, but that's not the point.} The point is, it worked she blew her nose and out came a tiny, booger-colored, boxing glove for a kangaroo Littlest Pet Shop toy.
Joe burst out laughing at the life we lead, the bizarre crazy things that happen. "Don't laugh!!!", I screamed, "She'll think it's funny and do it again!!!"
Shortly after we managed to make the house and ourselves presentable, the kids were getting their shoes on in the garage and Joe and I heard this huge crash from the kitchen. It sounded like someone tumbled down and entire flight of stairs. I took off running and found Bethany folded on top of herself in the garage floor. Joseph had been trying to help her change into different shoes and pulled on her boot while she was standing up. He pulled her feet out from under her and she fell head first into a shoe bin. She had a bad scrape under her chin, a cut inside her mouth and hit her arm really bad. The wailing was so bad I nearly collapsed into a basket case and called it a day! "I can't handle this day anymore!", I huffed.
I long for a week where the most excitement we have to talk about is the snow plow coming down our street. To say I haven't struggled to find my sanity this week would be a lie. {A big one!} I had said that having 4 kids is a lot like having 3. I withdrawal that statement. There is even less time for myself and my husband. The ratio of mine and Joe's interrupted conversations to uninterrupted conversations is scary bad. I have been delusional at times and thought I was doing wonderful with this new phase in life, those moments never lasted long enough to get big headed about. To say it's a crazy life is an understatement. To say it's an amazing life, is also an understatement.


Amanda Brady said... the picture of the window with the artwork hanging from it.....what did you string across to hang the pictures from? I have a similar idea for when I move, but didn't know what to string across??

PS I love the boxing glove up the nose.

Wanting What I Have said...

Hang in there sweet friend. I can't imagine how overwhelming life is right now. i am overwhelmed with three! :) His strength is sufficient. Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. Right now, at this stage God has called you to (me to, too), do the next thing and do it to the Glory of God. You seem to be doing that. Get the booger out, to the Glory of God. Change the diaper, to the Glory of God. Tend the scrape, to the Glory of God. Love your babies and your man, to the Gloy of God. You are doing great. You are there for your children and you are juggling so many things! Hang in there. Praying God will continue to sustain you - and give you just a few minutes of solace! :) I pray this encourages your heart.

Miranda said...

Amanda, it's a lightweight craft wire. I used paper clips to hang the papers from it.

Jenn, Thank you! Your comment was encouraging and so true. The Lord is enjoying our more frequent conversations these days, as am I! :) I appreciate your words!!

Eleana said...

I have days like that and I only have two. You are an amazing mommy, hang in there.

Pamela said...

Oh, interrupted conversations is something we deal with on a daily bases. It is a season that will pass so fast, and then you will wish you had it back. We have had a crazy week at our home as well. We have had 3 kids fall down our stairs this week. It is always something isn’t?
Hope you have a great Sunday

Our Crazy Crew said...

HAHAHA! You've GOT to listen to Francesca Bastitelli's new song "This is the Stuff". Here's a link to the lyrics on youtube. It's all about the stuff that drives us crazy!

Jennifer said...

Oh my -- I couldn't help but giggle at the boxing glove!

But big hugs and hang in there momma!! Days like that seem to fade away in the days where you are just snuggling your babies and having a blast!

Christina said...

Okay, I admit, I was laughing pretty hard at the boxing glove up the nose... I, myself, am just waiting for that day.

Jenn said...

I am so sorry BUT I am rolling laughing over here. The boxing glove in the nose is priceless. We have had a B-B in the ear before. I can so understand how you feel. :)I've told my hubby before that the reason the dishes aren't done, the laundry is piled up, the floor is not swept, and the kids are filthy is because all I do is sit on the couch eating bon bons and watching soap operas all day! HA!!! Hold on to my motto....this too shall pass but enjoy while it lasts.

Bonnie said...

Not sure if you remember when we had Gage (our 4th). My husband Marc was leaving for 4 months to police college. I shudder when I think of those 4 months alone with the kids. I do not have my Mom (she passed in 2002). My Dad was a great help with running Our oldest to hockey and such but I still went as much as I could. I tried not to let life get interrupted and did what I can. My inlaws were really good at helping out too, giving me a break here and there.

That being said it was totally overwhelming!!!!

I find we go through moments. We have months, weeks or days where everything is chaotic. Right now the 5 yr old twins are driving everybody up the wall with their hyperness, questions and eagerness to learn. Neither of them want to just sit for awhile. The 8 year old just wants his own space and have no one destroy his lego creations.

And then throw in a two year old boy..yup you can understand, it can be chaos.

But then we get in rhythyms that work and the stress level decreases for awhile.

It is true...the time does go fast. I found planning meals gives me more time with slightly hyper kids at that awful 4 pm time. I can sit and help Owen with his homework, or go outside with the kids and play. I often turn to tv for those few minutes for silence and I DO NOT feel bad about it.

It will get easier and I sometimes ask God what He was thinking?? but out of all of this I see the refinement he is making me go through and I dig in once again as a Mommy to four.

Hugs my friend!