Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A really great day

We had yet another snow day. What's a person to do? So many people are getting upset about all the snow and school being out again. The school year is extended into June already. The weather is the weather and I say we just enjoy our day together! So that is what we did. I'll complain in June but not today.
I made it out in the snow with Joe and the 3 oldest kids. It's the first time I've been sledding since I don't know when. Maybe 5 years? My parents have the best sledding hill, it brought back so many memories of sledding parties with friends and especially my sister and brothers.
Joseph and I went down the hill together several times. He's just the sweetest boy. I am so glad I took the time and felt well enough to play in the snow with the kids today. They are all awesome, I realize how little I take the time to just be with them. I'm continually doing and instructing, too busy, soo tired, on and on.
All we have is today. It is precious. I need to make myself stop doing and just be.


becoming 7 said...

so glad there was joy and enjoyment on a snowy day! the day was a gift from the Lord... it causes you to change plans (which most of us stink at) and it causes you to spend more time with your family... love sledding and love the pics!

Sidnie said...

I love playing in the snow! And is that a bowl of snow I see for snow ice cream?

I often have a hard time just being too. These past few days have been a challenge. My boys have decided they don't need to listen, so I've tried to be more firm with them, and it doesn't work. I think today we will go to the park and just play. Just be.

So glad you were able to enjoy the day and remember the old days. That's the best feeling- when your children's days mirror your childhood.

Eleana said...

Glad to hear you took some time to play, there's nothing more joyful than frolicking in a crisp white wonderland :o)