Friday, January 28, 2011

Repeating the first grade at 28

We have yet to get a full week of homeschooling in since the New Year because of the snow days. We have four days in the books this week, thanks to WordWorld, marshmallows and rice cakes. There is no way I could home school without them. Jenna plays well with Joseph and likes to sit at the table drawing or coloring, but then it's time for my lifelines.

Bethany started a new book this week, it's an old one that I picked up at the thrift shop thinking we'd probably read it together. She came across it and started reading it. Silk and Satin Lane is by Esther Wood, it's an eleven chapter book and beyond her reading level. The story is about a girl from China named, Ching Ling. Ching Ling is unwanted and unloved because she is a girl. This has been a great conversation starter about the value of everyone and the Chinese culture.
Bethany's nap time is now reading time, everyday. I love the fact that she isn't intimidated by a big book, with unfamiliar words. She dove right into reading it. I asked her to circle any words she doesn't understand or can't read. After nap time I go back over the words and explain what they say or mean. I'm enjoying spending extra time teaching her outside of her book work. Her capability and eagerness to learn amazes me, because I was not this way as a child. I appreciate her effortless learning style, because I know not all of my children are going to be this way. Thank you Lord for breaking me in gently!
Books are meant for learning and I have no problem with her writing in books if it's helping her learn. I write in and highlight things that stand out in every book I read. It's a great way for me to reference the content later.
Today Bethany was working in her phonics book. She was supposed the circle the special sounds in the words that had the same sound as the phonetic rule oo in tooth. One of the words was pool, Bethany circled the O's and with a scrunchy face of confusion asked, "Pooh-l? What's a Pooh-l?!" "It's a pool, like you swim in." I said, immediately realizing I'd said, pull instead of pool. We pronounce them one in the same. "Weer from Ken-tuck-ee, we taulk all cun-try. It's a pull, not a pooh-l!", I said, painfully exaggerating the accent. She and I laughed as we repeatedly said, "It's a P-ooh-L!
It pains me to admit I talk like a hick, I wish I didn't. Maybe going through the first grade for the second time will be a reminder to work on my lazy tongue. And if not, I know I'll be going through it at least another 3 times.


Our Crazy Crew said...

Ha! Ha! Hubby makes fun of me because I say poem like poim instead of po-em. I love reading to/with my kiddos and letting them read to me. Makes a homeschooling mom proud. It cracks the kiddos up when we say things wrong, and we remind them "we be edumacated" and "we be homeschooled"! GRINS!

Bonnie said...

Wow she is very eager to read, that is wonderful. My children are learning French first which is not my first language but it is my husband's. I learn everytime I help with my son's homework. By the time Gage goes to school I figure I will be able to at least hold a conversation in French!

My 8 year old cannot read English at a grade 2 level, mainly because he is in French. His french reading is high, he is challenging himself all the time. It is so different!!!

Jenn said... two youngest love wordworld! As for the accent, that cracks me up. We have had the same situation with words before too. Though I have to admit not with pool. :)I LOVE your idea of letting your daughter circle words in the book. That is BRILLIANT!!! My oldest LOVES to read big ole chapter books but will ask me what words are or what they mean. What a wonderful way to let her read and then have some time together learning afterwards. Thank you!

Eleana said...

I'm sure if we were to have a conversation you and your kids would definitely get a kick out of it, my American friends always ask me to say "about" to hear the Canadian "-oot". It's lovely to hear about how you read with Bethany. Sharing a book is one of my favourite past-times with my daughter :o)

Catherine Anne said...

I love the idea to circle any words she doesn't understand or can't read. WONDERFUL. Im adding it to our rest/reading time.