Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Big Party on the 14th

Valentine's Day started out with me hearing Bethany cheerfully greet Joseph as he came out of his room with a very happy, "Happy Valentine's Day Buddy!"  It was still a little early for me to get too excited about the day and I rolled over in bed to catch a few more minutes of sleep.
Later, Jenna was calling for some body to come get her out of her crib.  Bethany threw open her door and cheerfully greeted her with a, "Happy Valentiiinesss Day Jenna!  You want to come watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Sissy?"  Jenna quickly informed Bethany that she would rather watch Max and Ruby.  When Bethany said they would watch Max and Ruby after Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jenna screamed, "NOOOO, I WANNA WATCH Max and Ruby."  "No, Jenna not right now, later on we can watch Max and Ruby, Okay?", Bethany sweetly replied.  {Very sweet, sweeter than usual because it was her favorite day of the year, so she had to be extra loving despite Jenna's grouchy-bite-your-head-off-for-not-giving-me-what-I want attitude.}
The more Bethany tried to calmly and kindly discuss the whole thing with Jenna the louder she screamed, "NO, I NOT WANNA WATCH MICKY MOUSE!  NO SISSY!"  Bethany then preceded to coax her out of bed and Jenna would have nothing to do with Bethany getting her up if she wasn't going to give her what she wanted.  After a few attempts to get her to agree, Bethany finally said, "Well, Sissy has to leave you in your bed then."  Then she walked out and shut the door just as lovingly as she had opened it earlier, all the while Jenna was screaming.  It was really funny to listen to the two of them go back and forth.
Joseph is easily addicted to TV, computer games and video games.  It requires some serious monitoring on our part.  He zones in and would be glued to the screen for hours if we let him.  It is a great way for him to learn but it makes it hard for him to concentrate on other things at times.  He had been counting down the days until the Disney Clubhouse switched over to Disney Jr. To him the 14th was all about that big event!
Our last minute, middle of the night planned "big party" turned out just fine.  As long as we left the school books closed for the day I think I was guaranteed a successful party day.  We had pink heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, then the kids painted pictures, made valentines, mini-homemade pizzas for lunch and chocolate covered pretzels and walnuts. Of course everyone was on their best behaviour and perfectly loving on such a lovey day! :)
We had WAY too much sugar, I doubt that any of their blood sugars have returned to normal yet. 
Jenna hurt her head a week or so ago and we put an ice gel pack on it from the freezer.  She is a super tough little girl and when she cries because she is injured we know she is really hurt!  Since then, every time she gets a bump or something she will ask to put an ice pack on her boo-boo.  I'm fine with that and have taught her how to go get it for herself out of the freezer.  Joe and I had a good laugh when she walked through the house with a bag of frozen breastmilk on her forehead!
My very awesome sister watched our kiddos while Joe and I went out for Valentine's Day.  We had a fun date, it's so exciting to be together by ourselves.  I still get that familiar feeling in my stomach like I did before we got married when I looked forward to spending time with him.  Joe took me thrifting after dinner.  I can't tell you how perfect of a Valentine's gift that was to me, I loved it.
My gift to him was very romantic!  For a couple years, yes years, Joe has been pleading with me to buy/allow him to buy a new garbage can.  We have junky broken down garbage cans that we've collected from each of our home purchases.  Who wants to spend money on a can that holds garbage?  Not me, I've put it off and talked him out of it so many times.  An even bigger source of contention has grown during this same time, over the fact that our kitchen trash can is very small and always full.  It's under our kitchen sink and I really didn't want a bigger trash can that would have be in plain sight. 
Joe has grumbled and complained about out "thimble" size trash can too many times to count.  Last week, he was irritated that I had filled it full again with nothing more than a milk jug and newspaper and he blaringly said, "I want a trash can for Valentine's Day!  Please, get me a a trash can!"
So, I bought the man the biggest garbage can I could find and a trash can to go with it.  I put a red bow on them and he found them sitting in the middle of the kitchen yesterday morning.  Yep, this is the life I dreamed we'd make together 10 years ago!  It's definitely made a memory.
After Jenna was born Joe and I would ask Bethany and Joseph if we should keep her.  We'd ask if they wanted us to take her back to the hospital, and then we'd all agree to keep her.  Since Brady's birth we have continued to tease the kids about whether we should keep him or not, they always emphatically agree he's a keeper.  Recently Jenna said, out of the blue, "Mommy wen' to da hospidal get Brady out of her tummy.  I not wanna take Brady back, I wanna keep him."  This little Valentine is certainly a keeper!


~Mom~ said...

I woke up this morning and came to the computer. Your blog was open to the picture of Bethany and Joseph making pretzels. :) SMILE
Thanks for starting my day off with a smile.
Love you all!

~Mom~ said...

Jenna is hilarious! Such a character! I love watching them change and grow. So amazing!

Eleana said...

Lovely to hear about the fabulous day you shared.

Jenn said...

What a great day y'all had!!! My kiddos couldn't wait for Disney Junior to start up Monday either. It was all about Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I thought it turned out to be a lot like Super Why.

I'm all for the little pleasures in life...like trash cans. :)