Friday, February 18, 2011

Grandma's valentine

One of many traits I admire about my grandma is that she finds value in things that most people wouldn't. She is a saver, a thrifty person. I am also like this in ways, some of you are emphatically nodding your heads, thinking about a few of my strange prized possessions. I do think that she is a huge reason I love old things. Vintage sheets, mismatched dishes, old sewing machines and quilts all make me think of her. Grandma is a beautiful person, this is why I see beauty in the things that remind me of her and the way she lives life.
My sister and I have had many good laughs over the ways she also saves food. Small portions of leftovers are tucked away in Reynolds wrap in the freezer. For as long as I can remember, late Sunday visits during suppertime always resulted in her pulling out the leftovers from last weeks meals. "A little of this, a little of that." she'd say, as the table was filled with a wide range of food. Sometimes I wondered how we were all going to eat off what was before us, there was 6 in my family plus, Grandma and Papaw and sometimes other visiting relatives. Time and time again, I was always amazed that we never left the table hungry and sure enough, Grandma gathered up whatever was left and saved it for tomorrow.
She freezes everything from a cake won at the church picnic to milk and leftovers. One time she pulled out bread that was disgustingly freezer burnt and after seeing how far gone it was suggested we just toast it and that with a little butter it would be alright. I also remember eating salad with very brown lettuce. I would never have eaten salad in such a state with anyone else, but with Ranch dressing it didn't taste any different than fresh lettuce.
Grandma sent me a valentine on Monday. My mom went to visit her and Grandma had recently come across some sewing supplies she thought I might appreciate. Grandma has kinda gathered that I have an odd way of liking things that remind me of her, I think she even regards it strange of me. Mom said Grandma wanted to put the gifts in a basket and finally remembered she had one that would work, in the freezer of all places!
Everything in the basket just captures my grandma's way of saving. It's all very random, a little of this and a little of that. These pictures make me think of I Spy because there are some things that just don't belong. It made me smile as I went through it piece by piece.
I have an idea of what I like to do with this assortment of sewing supplies. I don't know when I'll get time to sit at my sewing machine and make that thought happen, but it will be sooner than I planned now that I have sentimental motivation. Most special valentine EVER!


leah leah said...

I love LOVE love this post! What a sweet Grandma, sucha blessing! Treasure her <3 <3

Jenn said...

I love this post! I think we may be more alike than we realize. :) About a year ago, my grandmother loaded me down with some of her old sewing stuff. She knew that even if I never used it, that I would want it. It looks like so much of the stuff in your pictures. Treasures for me!!!! I am a very sentimental pack rat. HA! I guess that is what you could call me.

Eleana said...

What a sweet post! I love what you share with your Grandma, wonderful :o)