Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter Warmths

So what if warmths isn't a word.  I can hardly say it, but I like it!
Brady is growing, he goes to the doctor tomorrow for his 2 month well visit. We are all curious to find out if he's growing faster than all the other kids did.  At his 1 month well visit he was smaller than Joseph by a few ounces.  He's catching up with Jenna!
Was it just last week I said that he was in 6 month clothes?  Those clothes seem to all be getting on the small side already!  He has new fuzzy hair coming in, it's so soft.
He seldom cries and is really happy.  I think he sleeps good considering he wakes up ready to visit around 4 every morning.  It's hard to resist his smiling face and it's only for a short while, but I'm trying to not make this a habit!  This morning Joe was leaving for work and Brady smiled and cooed at him as he walked past.  It was very sweet.
He brings us so much joy! There is nothing like a lovable baby to brighten the day.  Speaking of things that brighten my day, I received a personal card the last two days from two different people.  It was so fun to get "real" mail and definitely softened the blow of the bills that came before them.

One card was a word of encouragement from a very sweet life long friend and the other was a Valentine from my great aunt.  She is 88 years old and took the time to write me in a vintage card!  I was touched by both of their personal cards.  There is nothing like a handwritten note.  Both cards are on my fridge now brightening my mornings and reminding me to take the time to let others know that I am thinking of and praying for them.
I had an appointment with my endocrinologist on Monday.  I was hoping to get the report that my thyroid levels were within normal ranges, but as I expected they were way too low, meaning my thyroid medicine is too high.  I am not having any negative symptoms but I know that it is unhealthy, and I will soon be experiencing heart palpitations, sleepless night and anxiousness if I continue.  That being said, I am scared too death that I am going to feel terrible again!  I told my mom I will be a basket case if I ever feel that lifeless again, because now I know what it feels like to be well.  Prayerfully, I will continue to have energy and be able to enjoy my life just as much as I have the past 2 months.
We had a snow day yesterday and already know that we have another one tomorrow.  This winter has been so full of snow and snow days.  Tomorrow we are going to the library to get Bethany a new chapter book to read.  She finished her book she started a week ago.  I'm so proud of her!
Hope you all are staying warm and not going too stir crazy in this long winter. That's why we are going to get some new books to read, a big giant stack! 


Sarah B said...

Oh wow, I can't believe I never connected that after I had my son I had heart palpatations and didn't even think of my thyroid. I have been on medicine since I was about 16, and always the same dose. I opted to wait it out and they went away, but I bet it was because my body was readjusting after pregnancy.

I hope you continue to feel good!

~Mom~ said...

What a pretty boy. I mean that in the most loving way. Later he will be handsome, cute or just boyish, but right now he is just beautiful!

Miranda said...

Thanks Mom! I know this may seem random, but I'm so glad you are in his life and get to share my joy in watching him grow! I appreciate you!!

BARBIE said...

Wow, Brady is getting so big. Your children are so adorable. I am sorry to hear about your thyroid. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Jenn said...

Your son is simply adorable!! You have such a beautiful family. I don't think I am telling you anything you don't know though...right?!?! :) I'm glad your appointment went well but I hate that you are nervous now over the medicine. I will pray that all will work out for you and you continue to feel as wonderful as you have been feeling. Have a great day!

Bonnie said...

Wow, he is such a beautiful baby. And Jenna looks so big holding him. Time flies doesn't it?

I LOVE receiving real mail. I have one friend that sends cards on every occasion, homemade cards and I love it. My husband's aunts in Quebec send cards too and even though I need a translator to read the card in full I still love it and save them for the kids in their memory boxes.

Our plans were to hit the librairy too but that has yet to happen. Everyone is feeling better in our house so here is to hoping we can all goto the school and enjoy the winter carnival.

Have a great weekend!

Eleana said...

He is growing! He is an adorable little fellow, I love the way you take pictures of your kids - you have a great eye. I hope things work out for your meds. It's been lovely to read about all the things you've been enjoying.

Squeaky said...

According to the 3rd Edition Scrabble dictionary Warmths IS a word. (I know because I used it as a 7 letter word.)

Miranda said...