Monday, March 28, 2011

Big things happened this weekend!

This Monday morning started out slow, but we had such a happy weekend!  I have  much to blog, but probably not enough time, so this will be the brief version.
Friday night Bethany and I went out shopping for some things.  In the van on the way to our first stop she asked, "Mommy, if you weren't married and you had me, Jophie and Jenna, would the police come and take you to jail?"  I chuckled a little and said no the police don't take people to jail for having children if they're not married.  "Well, can you adopt if you're not married?"  "Yeah, people can adopt even if they aren't married."  Then I went on to explain that lots of people don't have a mommy and/or a daddy but that's not wrong.  Sometimes people were married when they had their child or children but then later they aren't.  I tried to give a few other scenarios to explain different situations.
At this point she was getting confused and she said, "But, I just don't understand, I thought it was wrong to have a baby if you aren't married!?"  "Well, the police don't take people to jail for it, it's not against the law.  But the Bible says that it is wrong to have a baby before you get married."  I'm not really sure exactly when and where she picked up on this concept, but we do emphasize things like, "One day when you grow up and get married and have kids..."  The Bible doesn't say it's wrong to have a baby, it is wrong to have premarital sex, but for the sake of age appropriateness it's gotten labeled as something else without my noticing.  It was about to get me in trouble, because as only Bethany can, things had to be clarified.
"The Bible says that you are supposed to get married and then have children, so if you have a baby and you're not married, that is a sin."
"But, I thought God makes babies?!"
{I all of the sudden started to see where this was going, so I tried to slow it down.}  "Yes, God does make babies."
"Well, I just don't understand then."
"What don't you understand?"  {I knew what she was getting at, and I needed more time!}
"How can having a baby be a sin if God makes a baby?"
Oh, I wasn't getting out of this one for sure!  I think I repeated everything I had already said again and she just kept letting me know that what I was saying made no sense, and it didn't.  A baby isn't a sin, God does make babies.  It's what people do that is a sin and I had to tell her!  So I explain that a man and a woman have to do something for God to make a baby, and that is called SEX!  Aghhh!  I couldn't believe I just said that to my 6 year old, this wasn't supposed to happen for another 6 years, right!? :)
"Sex?  What is sex?!" she said with a puzzled look on her face.
Oh, boy, here goes nothing, I took a deep breath and said, "Well it's something a man and a woman do with their private parts."
"Mommy, this is embarrassing!"
"Yeah, it is kinda embarrassing because we're talking about private parts and they are private like Mommy and Daddy always tell you, but it's okay to talk about this kinda stuff with Mommy.  If you ever have questions, or talk to your friends and they say things about sex and stuff you should come talk to Mommy.  Sometimes other kids are curious and they think they know things, but they probably don't and  you should talk to me about it.  Okay?!"
"Yeah, okay."
"So, it's not a sin to have a baby if your not married, it's a sin to have sex if your not married.  A man and a woman have to have sex for God to make a baby.  People who have babies and aren't married aren't bad people, they just sinned and we all sin, right?"
"And God forgives all sins, if we ask him."

"Mommy, can we go into Kohl's now?"
Dear heavens yes!!

I was later telling Joe our conversation and when I got to the part in the story where I said I told her the word sex, he grabbed his head and exclaimed, "You didn't!  Miranda!  You told her that word!!!"  "Well, what was I supposed to do?"  "I don't know, anything besides that!" he laughed.  "What would you have done?" I asked, worried that he didn't approve.  "CHANGE the subject!" he said and then we both laughed.
Bethany and I stopped at Wal-mart on Friday night and picked up a desert for Joseph's spiritual birthday.  I make a lot of homemade deserts so a store bought desert was super special for him.  I had them write George on it and he liked that too.

Our Kentucky Wildcats played in the Sweet Sixteen on Friday after the kids went to bed.  Joe is the biggest UK fan so we were rooting very hard for them.  It was a nerve wracking game against the number one overall ranked OSU.  All the way to the end we held our breath and we are so excited when the Cats won such a huge game.  Victory didn't last long before we started worrying about the UNC game on Sunday evening.  But we are so excited that they pulled off another victory and are in the Final Four!!!  There was so much Madness at our house this weekend, it's gonna be crazy next Saturday too.
My brother, sister-in-law and niece came in over the weekend and we celebrated my sis-in-law and niece's birthday's with my family.  We also babysat for my niece while my brother and sister-in-law went out and that was fun.  Mylee is such a sweet girl, she is a very happy one year old.  I put her in the pack-n-play because I was afraid I'd miss seeing her slip up the steps while we were watching the UK game.  She was so great though and played contentedly while we played peek-a-boo with her.  The kids loved playing with their cousin.
At lunch yesterday, Bethany was eating an apple and complained of her tooth hurting.  She thought maybe she was getting a cavity.  I stuck my finger in her mouth and found her first wiggly tooth.  This is big!!  We haven't had any loose teeth in this household before.  More on that to come, I'm sure it will be dramatic!


Wanting What I Have said...

You have made me laugh and laugh and laugh!!! I was seven when my beat friend told me. Much better to come from Mom! :) there is a great series of books out by NavPress on his subject - I think they are called "All About Me." Here's a link:

Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

I think I had to look it up in a dictionary. Well, that and my Grandma handed me a book one day entitled "Almost 12" and said "if you have any questions, let me know". And that was that. Oh, and then she gave me the sequel, "Almost 13" a year later!

Christina said...

You had me laughing at that first story. Oh I so hope we can make it past 6 before I have to start explaining sex to my daughter...But knowing her, and how inquisitive she is, I'll be lucky to just make it to 6.
Sounds like you had a busy weekend... Have a great week!

Jenn said...

Well this was a funny one to wake up to! HA!! I haven't had to explain this to my 8yo but I guess now would be better than her friends saying something. I just love your last picture. So sweet!

Bernadette said...

Oh Miranda! You handled it quite well... and Bethany did too! I can just hear Joe... LOL I am sure Avery will be the same way and I must admit I was totally with Joe on the "Change the subject" thought. :) I hope I can be as honest and brief as you were!

Heather said...

Can I just bookmark this page? My daughter is learning to read, surely I can just give her your explanation and avoid the talk!