Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Sick Day for Amos McGee and a couple more for the rest of us

Sickness has swept through settled in and made residence in our house. Everyone is a medicinehead except me and Brady, because I'm nursing and he isn't old enough for medicine yet. He and I are toughin' it out. So far, Brady isn't too sickly, prayerfully that will continue. I don't know how he could tolerate the magnitude of this flu-like junk. I'm not sure what it is we have but it's not the average cold.
Joe came down with it a week ago Saturday. I took him to an urgent care center tonight, because he was in so much pain behind his eye and still struggling through a sore throat, cough and the loss of ability to breath out his nose. His has turned into a sinus infection.
My nasty sickness didn't start until Thursday and just keeps getting a little worse each day. I started out positive and determined to make the best of the course this sickness was going to run. I was going to be prepared and patient. All day Thursday I cooked, two soups and a casserole, so that we would have food to eat all weekend. I took lots of deep breaths all weekend, trudged through it and we ate all my prepared meals. {Don't I sound like I have it all together? Not really!}
Monday showed up this morning and I really just wanted to send it back for a different Monday. I was supposed to be better by today not worse! I hadn't rationed out my patient for this long and this sick of a sickness.
We've been running a vaporizer, two of them. Joseph has even been sleeping in the floor of our room so he can be near one. He's loved his new little spot, couldn't wait for naptime so he could sleep there again. We've read so many books, watched so much TV, and we've managed to keep up with schoolwork. We've done everything I know of to get better.
Once I stopped to listen to all of us hacking and sneezing and it sounded like there were so many of us. It was one of those moments that is hit me that we have four children. And it seemed overwhelming. Every now and then I'll get a little peek at how others might see us, but most of the time it just feels normal have four kids and I don't think much of it.
We checked out this super cute book at the library weeks ago. It seriously has the greatest illustrations ever. I love it and want to cut the pages out and frame them! I would hang this girl's work on my walls, if I had enough money to pay for it! It's a very fun book that we have read too many times to count. Jenna loves the owl and I love the elephant. We were the first people to check it out at the library because it's brand new, and yes, we've hogged it. Look for it, it's A Sick Day for Amos McGee written by Philip C. Stead and illustrated by his wife, Erin Stead. Erin came up with a really neat way of illustrating the book, I think it's fascinating.
If only we were like Amos McGee and had just one sick day instead of a week plus of sick days! This morning was rough, Joseph started it out by spitting at his sister so that's why he is in the corner.

Bethany has become a third reader in the house, and Jenna is taking advantage of her new skills. It's incredible to hear Bethany reading to Joseph and Jenna. I can tell that her ability to read is motivating Joseph to want to learn how to read himself.
Jenna is a big help with Brady, she loves getting him things. This morning she put all these toys around him while I was getting breakfast ready.

BradyBoy started crying tears this weekend. He's tired of all the hacking and sneezing, we scare him.

God gave me a scripture last week and I've shared it with at least 4 other people. I guess that's the way it should be, when God gives you something good, you can't help but share it. This scripture has been of great encouragement to me as I'm trying to get better, get all of us better and not lose my patient in the midst of it. I'm not perfect, I'm not WonderWoman, I'm not enough. There is no point in trying to be, there is no point in pretending. I can't do what God has called me to do today alone. "...apart from me, you can do nothing." John 15:5
I find this so freeing because I don't even have to try to do all my responsibilities alone, I know that I can depend on Him to give me all that I need. He is enough. I ask and He delivers. It's in the struggles I feel Him the most. I don't like the trials, the stresses, the Mondays that I'd like to exchange, but I love to feel Him close. He brings great comfort and strength. These are the days I can't wait to sit down and read His Word, I'm excited about what He's going to tell me because it is always just the right words. I love Him more each day! Don't do motherhood without Him, don't do life without Him!

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Eleana said...

Oh, I find nothing worse than being sick, especially with little ones. I wish you and yours a speedy recovery. You are amazing in the way that you are dealing with it all. Thanks for sharing the book as well... I'll be sure to look that one up.