Monday, April 4, 2011

April Showers

Our Wildcats didn't win over the weekend and we still aren't quite over it. The game was miserable to watch! We are proud of UK nonetheless and there is always next year. It's definitely fun to have a team we can be proud of and enjoy rooting for.
Spring break is here. It has brought some really cold, windy, thunderstorms with it. Today we were in town running errands and a really heavy storm started.  The sky was dark and the rain started with some mild hail that smacked our van loudly.  Jenna was immediately frightened and wanted to go home.  She was pleading, "Mommy, I wanna go home, I not wike the funder, it s-ares me."   "Can we go ta Mamma's house?  I want Mamma.  Can we go hooome Mommy?  I nee-go-home and be safe.  I don't wike dis funder, I wanna go home and not hear it.  I nee-go-home and put my han-s ober my ears so I not hear dis funder anymore."
BradyBoy rolled over this past weekend.  I haven't been vigilant about making sure he has tummy time every day for several weeks probably.  I laid him in the floor on his belly and he immediately rolled over.  I kept turning him over and he repeatedly kept rolling to his back again.
He is cooing more and it is so sweet.  He will be four months old on the 6th.  Jenna still says every now and then that she doesn't want to take him back to the hospital.  The first weeks after he was born we would joke with the kids and ask if they wanted to take him back or if they wanted to keep him.  Jenna still remembers that and says, "I not wanna take Brady back to the hospital."  I reassured her the other day and said, "We are not going to take Brady back to the hospital, we are going to keep him, forever."  "Forever, I not wanna keep him forever!" she said.  The next day she a similar conversation with Joe and when he told her we were going to keep Brady forever, he said she got all excited like it was the first time she had heard that!

His face isn't big enough for his smile.  I have yet to really capture his great big giant smile on camera.
I went to a scratch and dent store on Saturday, hoping to find a bedspread.  I wasn't finding anything and was regretting taking the time to look there.  The store was such a mess and I was out with all four of the kids alone and it was another stop getting them in and out of the van.
The store was having a 50% off sale on all their toys, so we made our way over to the section of broken toys.  I had already told the kids we would not be buying any toys and honestly I don't know why I even bothered to look at all.  We were about to walk away when I saw some bikes.  Bethany and Joseph have been needing bikes for quite awhile.   Someone passed a nice bike onto Joseph a couple weeks ago, and Bethany had been riding it too.
There was a really pretty purple bike that wasn't broken and it was like  brand new.  I looked at the price and it was $42.  I hoped that is was on sale and explained that if it wasn't we wouldn't get it, because I was thinking $42 was kinda high and we might as well buy a bike at a department store for that.  Bethany rode it up to the front and the lady confirmed that it was on sale, $21!!  I am still so happy to have saved so much money and most of all that God blessed Bethany with such a great bike.  I had no intention of buying a bike that day!  I later googled the bike, thinking I could maybe find it online for sale and see how much it retailed for.  To my amazement and God's goodness to us, it sells at Kmart for $99!!  The Lord provisions, never cease to astound me.
Later, that night Joe and I were telling Bethany how happy we were for her and how much God had blessed her.  We were telling Joseph how proud we were of him because he had a really great attitude about Bethany getting a brand new bike even though he didn't.  Joseph said, "Well, I'm really proud of you Mommy!"  I couldn't imagine what he was going to say, I asked him why and he said, "Because you fixed my training wheel on my bike!"  I had adjusted his train wheels and he was able to ride better.  It was funny and I was honored that he was proud of me!
Since we're on spring break, we've been taking it easy so far and enjoying being home. I forgot it was Monday and I had promised to post the winner of the book giveaway. I will do that tomorrow for sure, I only had three entries so your chances are good!!  I've decided to let Jenna help me pick the winner and she's already in bed for the night.


Nate and Erin said...

I think watching kiddos learn to ride bikes will be so fun, I'm already looking forward to the day Mylee gets to hop on one (not rushing it though)! Have a GREAT spring break!

Eleana said...

I've just been catching up on your blog, Canada spring break is just over and we took a trip down to California. What a treat it was to come back and see what you've been up to :o)
I love your precious pictures... have a fabulous spring break with your family.

Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

CUTE pictures of baby Brady. You know, sometimes I think he looks like you just as much as he looks like Joe and Joseph.
By the way, thank you for lending Joe to help Brandon out this week in the evenings - hope they can get the job done SOON! I miss having my husband home in the evenings. 3 weeks is way too long!

Miranda said...

Melissa, I agree. Sometimes I think he may turn out to look like Bethany and I yet. We'll have to wait and see though. If not that's okay, Joe, Joseph and Jenna are pretty darn cute. I'm sure he'll have "his" look eventually.
I'll be glad to have my husband back too, but I think both of them will be more glad to have the job over for themselves! They have been working hard!!

~Mom~ said...

Bethany and Joseph both look so big riding bikes.
Awwww sweet Jenna. I am glad she feels safe at Mamma's house. Looking forward to seeing you all and watching little Buddy roll over. :)