Thursday, April 21, 2011

A good laugh

Bethany and Joseph have started their soccer season.  They are having so much fun going to practices, learning new things, meeting new people and wearing all their gear.  They have only had two practices, but I think it's safe to say we are so glad we signed them with an Upwards soccer league.  They both have enthusiastic coaches and I love watching their interactions with the kids.
The day of the first practice, Joseph mentioned he couldn't wait to make a new friend.  Bethany on the other hand was worried about getting her new soccer cleats muddy.  They are on separate teams which I think is great for them.  They memorize a scripture a week and receive a sticker for their poster if they can quote it at their next practice.  The first week's scripture was Psalm 31:3 "For your name's sake, you will lead and guide me."  Joseph struggled remembering the first part correctly when we started working on it.  He kept saying, "For heaven's sake, you will lead and guide me." 

The kids and I have been working our way through the Bible in the format of The Story during school time.  I was reviewing what we had learned in the previous story and I asked the kids, "Where did Hannah promise God that she would take Samuel?"  Hannah had promised God that she would give her child to God and take him to the temple if God would give her a child.  After my question, Jenna piped up and said, "Umm, she take him shoppin'!"


~Mamma~ said...

Don't tell Bethany, but Joseph is catching up to her. Can't wait to see them play.
Jenna seems to have a little of her Aunt Cacki in her. :)

OneMommy said...

I love when they mix up things! My daughter does it all the time...