Friday, April 29, 2011

It's been a crazy week

I'm getting a slow start this morning.  I know that once I get going, I won't be able to sit back down until late tonight.  Monday I had the realization that I could stay busy and work all day with nothing to show for it tomorrow, let alone next week, or I could let all of my daily work go for a few days and really make some lasting changes to our home.  I dove head first into installing exterior lighting on the front of our house and haven't stop since.  I painted our powder room first, then the kitchen, last night the dining room and the living room is on today's agenda.
It's been a nice change of pace for me to do something different but I'll be ready to tackle my huge pile of laundry and catch-up on house work next week.  I keep reminding myself that I'm getting things accomplished that matter, because looking around it's hard to tell by the unkept messes everywhere.
I love the paint colors Joe and I picked out.  I had looked at so many colors for so long and decided on a color for each room at least 3 different times.  I'm glad I waited until now though, I think we're going to like these.
I'd been eagerly waiting to not be pregnant and to not have an itty-bitty baby so that I could paint.  Brady is such a good little guy, I thought this was perfect timing.  Well, I had hardly dipped my paint brush 3 times and suddenly he was unusually fussy and wanting to be held.  Upon inspection, I discovered he is cutting his first tooth.  Such great timing to tackle a huge project after all!  None of my other babies cut a tooth this early, Bethany was 10 months when she got her first tooth.
We had other trauma too during my painting spree.  I had just started on the kitchen paint, the kids were playing fairly well.  They were playing shark and that the carpet was the ocean and the couches were the boats.  Jenna had her routine down perfectly and kept yelling, "I'm drowning, save me!  I'm dying save me!  Help! HELP!"  All of the sudden she started crying and said, "Sissy you hurt my arm, I'm telling Mommy!"  I immediately knew this wasn't an ordinary, multiple-daily-sibling injury.  Then she came into the kitchen crying and I saw her arm and I knew it had happened again.
Her hand was limp and she couldn't move her fingers.  Bethany had pulled her arm to pull her out of the ocean and had yanked her elbow out of socket.  It was late evening and our pediatrician's office was closed.  The last time this happened, it was very difficult for the doctor to get it back in place and took many heart breaking tries.  Joe felt that he could get it back in place, I could never have done it!  It makes my stomach sick now just thinking about it.
I held her and Joe tried to maneuver it several times, she screamed and her little body shook from pain.  She kept saying, "No, Daddy don't hurt me!"  We were both in tears!!  Jenna is our toughest child, she truly doesn't feel pain unless it really hurts.  That made things even worse because we knew she was in so much pain.  We took a couple breaks from trying and considered taking her to an urgent care.  It took our pediatrician so many tries that we didn't know if he was doing it wrong or if some one else would have the same amount of trouble.  Finally, after several attempts it went back in and after she got over the fear that it was going to hurt if she moved it, she was fine, as if nothing ever happened.  After much praise and candy, she is our household hero!
I am so thankful that Joe was home and he was able to fix it.  Again I say, I'm praying this never happens again, but if it should Joe knows how to do it. 
We are all a bit sleep deprived from all the bad storms and warnings we had the beginning of the week.  Though there was damage to buildings and a couple homes in our community, no one was injured.  I am so thankful for God's goodness and heavyhearted for those suffering from the devastation elsewhere.  We are praying for our Southern friends, that the Lord's goodness would be multiplied to them.  Only He can comfort and sustain.


Wanting What I Have said...

Reading this brought me to tears! I know how much pain Jenna was in. When I was a child I fell off the sofa while a baby sitter was keeping us. I told my parents repeatedly that my shoulder hurt and I was having trouble using that arm. They, for whatever reason, did not believe me. It wasn't until the next morning they agreed to take me to the doctor. I will never forget him popping it back into place. OH THE PAIN! I am so thankful Joe could take care of it right then and there. Isn't it wonderful to have husbands who are SO AMAZING!!!

Hoping you have a less eventful, but productive weekend! :)

Miranda said...

That is kinda what happened the first time it was dislocated, we didn't realize it right away and the doctor's office discouraged me from bringing her in right away when I finally called. The doctor was very upset with them and told us we could bring her right in if it were to happen again during office hours.
It is awesome having an amazing husband!! She was so forgiving, as soon as he fixed it she didn't hold it against him.

Melissa said...

Chris popped out Kenna playing in the floor. She would not use it and cried. I vaguely remembered learning how to reset it in school. It went right back in. Though I do not think I could remember how to do it again. I have to remind him frequently about the occurrence so as not to have a repeat. Those daddy like to wrestle. My daddy was the same. My mom would say someone always hard hurt but we loved it. Well until someone got hurt.

Eleana said...

Thank goodness for Jenna's amazing Daddy! I'm also glad to hear that your family is safe from the storms.