Friday, April 1, 2011

Life is full

There are moments in everyday that standout, that tell a story. I can rarely capture them or savor them long enough.  But this day, I managed to grab a little tighter to a few minutes.
She only has one more month of being a 2 year old.
It feels like she's been 2 for 2 years. 
I have never said that a year passes slowly about any of my other children, ever.
Jenna has the kind of energy that makes her skip instead of walk, she is light as a feather.
Her laughter soaks into the chambers of my heart.
She loves to laugh at her disobedience, we are working on that.  We have been working on that, I am positive we will continue to work on that for years to come.
She is carefree.  Her joy is medicine.
I made this dolly for Jenna's first birthday.  The dolly used to sit atop a bookshelf and was packed away when we moved, she wasn't cherished so that is where she has stayed until today.
At first it didn't seem like there was any new affection when Jenna said, "Mommy!  She doesn't have any toes!  Maybe you can make her some toes?"  Later, when Bethany wanted to take a look at her dolly, Jenna explained, "She doesn't have any toes, Sissy.  She just have wegs."

It wasn't long before she was asking for leggings for her.  She kept dancing around and around singing, "I don't got a bellybutton."  She told me, "I like my dolly Mommy.  She's my fave-rit."

Jenna dances alot, she puts off going potty until the last possible moment.  She is too busy.  Even when I see her hopping and offer to take her, she says, no.
This child, who writes on walls and locks doors in my face then giggles, brightens up my days. She is a firecracker, she exudes a life that is unstoppable.  She is determined.
I wish I could say that her energy is contagious, but it's exhausting.
She sleeps well in her new big-girl-bed, she is a big-girl, except she can't get up on the potty by herself yet.
I love how she asks for what she needs.  Everyday, she will catch me sitting on my bed and ask, "Mommy can we talk now?"  She climbs up on the bed and we talk.  It's always important stuff, like how she eats marshmallows in nursery at church or how she doesn't like the picture that hangs over our bed or what she wants for her birthday on "May seb-inth" or how she "nweeds chapstick for her wips."
I don't ever want to take her for granted, not one minute of one day.  Thank you Lord for long days dealing with her disobedience, I want each day to last a little longer and go a little slower.


~Mamma~ said...

Awww Sweet pictures that captures little Jenna.
I miss her. Give her a big hug from Mamma.

Bonnie said...

Oh can I relate, and funny thing is the child that can push me over the edge both ways is also my third child!

Love the post.

Jenn said...

What a sweet post for little Jenna! Definitely soak it in. They grow FAST!!!!

BARBIE said...

This post brought so much joy to my heart. Your daughter is precious. I can appreciate the trials of raising a toddler. But this too shall pass. My children are much older now, but I too can relate to markings on walls, willful disobedience and the like. Hang in there momma!

Sarah B said...

She is so beautiful, what a blessing!

Eleana said...

Cherish all the moments, beautiful post :o)

Cassandra said...

This is precious! Love it! I'm reading the book this month... ;)