Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our little trip north

Over spring break we took a short trip to the Cincinnati area.  We visited the Creation Museum, which is an amazing place!  Our kids were too young to really enjoy it, or allow us fully enjoy it.  There were some activities for them and fun things to look at, from huge dinosaurs to the recreation of the Garden of Eden to a petting zoo.  Still, I would recommend waiting to go without the children or until they are over 10.
The Creation Museum is an incredible place.  There is so much to read and many interesting, educational videos to watch.  We just didn't have the time to listen and look at the pace we had to move with the kids. It's amazing what goes on there and they are planning on some impressive stuff, like a life size Noah's Ark.  In the future it will probably be better suited for younger children.

Joe, Bethany and Joseph took in the planetarium show as the last stop of the day.  By that point, Jenna had enough and it was obvious to everyone around that could hear her whining, that she needed one very badly.  I didn't fight her over it, I'm learning to pick my battles, lower my expectations and not force issues that are motivated out of my own selfishness.  I realized as Jenna, Brady and I sat outside the planetarium waiting for the show to end, that in recent years I would have been upset with her for derailing my good time.  It feels good to let go of that mentality.  There will be plenty of years, when I'm old and decrepit, that I can sit and take in a show about stars! {smile!}  Instead, I got to hang out with Jenna and Brady, which constituted as alone time for Jenna and a good time for me.  That always puts a smile on her face.  I'm sure the other star gazers were appreciative of our absence.
After the museum, we crashed at our hotel.  It was a special treat as always.  We got our pj's on early and ordered Chinese in, another special treat.

As the kids were checking out every drawer and shelf in the place, Joseph asked me what the luggage rack was, I told him it was for sitting our suitcase on.  A few minutes later, I went to sit my luggage on the rack and found Joseph's there instead!
Brady enjoyed his first mini-vacation.  We loved having him along, he still makes me feel like a kid at Christmas.  He didn't make a peep in our 6 hours of drive time, he went right to sleep with all of us talking and the lights on in the hotel room.  The other kids were all running around his pack-n-play and knocking into it, and he slept just fine.  He's amazing!  If you want a baby that adapts to new situations and sleeps through noise, have 3 first!
The kids always like the ice at hotels and I later found out that Jenna added some sugar to hers, from the packet for coffee.  It's still so fun taking them on short trips.  Elevator buttons, jumping on hotel beds, playing with the window shades, pulling their luggage, eating "free" cookies and adjusting the thermostat, we get our money's worth!
Joe and I celebrated the 8th anniversary of our engagement over spring break by getting our teeth cleaned. Yes, I'm being funny and no, I'm not. It had been 5 years since we had our teeth cleaned, which I know sounds disgusting and neglectful to some people. This is an out of pocket expence that we'd just put off longer than we expected.  It was a good feeling having clean teeth again, and we are both cavity free.  I was very pleased to hear that!


Nate and Erin said...

Yay, your trip looked fun! The Creation Museum is on my list of places that I want to go someday. I think all that is fascinating. =) PS. I got the book, thank you!

Wanting What I Have said...

What a great trip!!! We did that several years ago and can't wait to go back! We had grandparents with us which always makes life easier! And your hotel stay sounds GREAT! btw, I went to the dentist for the first time in ELEVEN years about a year or so ago. Same thing for us, an out of pocket expense we could not afford. :) we were not cavity free. :(

Bonnie said...

The Creation Museum sounds incredible!

I am trying to rid of selfishness too and enjoy the moments with the kids good and bad. My eye opener is Kindergarten next year. They twins will be gone two full days a week. They are high energy but I do enjoy time with them. I will miss them the days they are gone but will enjoy that time with Gage.

Yes there will be plenty of alone time when we are older.

Anonymous said...

Gasp! We were there last week!! It was part of a 1300 mile trip for us. I was so glad to see that the museum was so well done. We're hoping to go back in a few years when the Ark Encounter is scheduled to be finished!

The Wilsons in VA