Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Still showering blessings

First things first, I have the winner of the book Raising Kids with Character That Last.  I had Jenna help me, since I only had 3 entries I asked her to pick a number, 1, 2 or 3.  I've recently been using this game to settle many important sister disputes, like which one gets the pink cereal bowl each morning.  Jenna has only lost once, Bethany immediately assumes that she will lose when I suggest that we play it.
I knew Jenna would pick a great winner and she did  She immediately said, "Free!".  Congrats Erin, I hope you enjoy the book, I'm glad you won!!

It was announced through the house yesterday that ant season is back.  Joseph went through house proclaiming it, with Jenna echoing him close behind.  They were excited to find a mound of ants on some food in the dining room floor.
Joseph loves squishing ants and Jenna is fascinated watching them crawl.  It's a true sign of spring, but I wish we could get by without them. There is always a feast for ants under our table and I have yet to get used to them.  Despite Joseph's ant killing pass time, we won't see the end of them until winter.
Joseph was telling me how he likes squishing ants.  "I get 'em on my thumb and then I take this finger," he wiggles his pointer finger, "an' I smush them real hard."  His eyes were really big and he asked, "You know the only bugs I'm afraid of?  Praying mantis and bees, that's it.  Sissy told me, I can kill all the bugs fer her, 'cept butterflies and ladybugs.  Those are her favorite."
Joseph and I ran errands together today.  We went to the tire store to get the vans tires rotated and the oil changed.  Going to the tire store is always a treat for my kids, because they get to spend a quarter in the candy machine.  After that, we stopped at the grocery and I bought Joseph a small Lego set as a special treat.  He loves his Legos and plays with them nearly everyday, several times a day.
We went shopping for soccer shoes this evening and the shoe store had Lego shoes.  I showed them to Joseph, knowing he would love them.  We explained that we wouldn't be getting them today, but agreed that they were very cool.  As I put the shoe back on the shelf I realized there was a different style that was on sale 50% off.
Joseph tried them on and though he hides his feelings of wanting things, because he is such a pleaser, it was obvious that he really wanted them.  I was thrilled that he was getting something he liked and needed at such a great price.  As I was paying, the cashier explained that the shoes were priced incorrectly, they were not on sale and were $40.  She said that she would give me the price they were advertised at though.
I know I say this repeartedly, but I still don't say it enough, how good is God!  This whole experienced happened right after we had stopped by the play area of the mall to let the kids play.  Our kids enjoy playing there very much.  After being there a few minutes, Joseph came over and sat next to me.  I asked him what was wrong and he explained that a girl had grabbed his chest and clawed him.  He pointed the girl out and she had Down Syndrome.  I checked him over and he was fine physically, I told Joseph he was okay and to just go play.
A few seconds later he was back, she was chasing him and making hateful faces at him.  He was very frightened and broke down crying.  We reassured him that it wasn't his fault and that we would watch out for him and that it was okay for him to tell her no.  Joe had to stop her from coming after him a couple more times, for some reason she had singled Joesph out of a bunch of kids. Eventually she left him alone, but it really unset him and crushed his spirit.  I wasn't really upset with the little girl, just her grandmother who was not watching her at all!
Right after that incident, Joseph got these awesome shoes that cheered him up and took his mind off of what had happened.  It's a good feeling knowing that God looks out for my children better than I can.  He wants to make them happy and take their pain away.  I think his Lego shoes are so fun!!


SailorMoon said...

Those are some cool shoes!! I'll be he does love them. I'd like to have a pair!! ;)

Nate and Erin said...

Yay! Tell Jenna she did a great job picking my number! Thanks Miranda!