Friday, May 27, 2011

Bubba love

Jenna can wake up in the grouchiest mood, fussing and whining at every one's attempt to make her happy. But when she sees Brady she gets a big smile on her face and softly says, "Hi, Brady!"  His smile melts her 3 year old attitude, they embrace and she kisses his head.  Then off she goes, with a frown on her face and ready to complain about being hungry or thirty, and refuse to go potty even though she is doing the I-have-to-pee-really-badly dance.  With time she'll come around, but it's so funny how she changes her demeanor back and forth, just for Brady.

Bethany is his little mommy.  She likes to hold him and attempts to do diaper duty.  She takes him around and lets him walk, which he thinks is the funnest.  His eyes light up when she comes near him and he follows her with his eyes, hoping she'll talk to him.
Brady is done with the baby swing, he hasn't been in it for over a week, maybe two.  He loves his exersaucer though.  When we have supper and clean laundry it's because of the exersaucer.  He usually will be entertained for a long time in it.  It's the greatest invention ever!!

That ornery first tooth hasn't popped through yet, it's been giving us fits with sleepless nights and days. He just wants to be held all the time, which sounds great in theory, but not when Jenna's doing the potty dance or Bethany, Joseph and Jenna are st-arving because we just had breakfast 20 minutes ago, or some one is screaming because some ones pushed then, because they took that some ones toy, or laundry really needs put into the dryer re-washed because I've forgotten and left it in the washer for 2 days,or the counters, floors and table need wiped because we have enough food around to feed a very large army of ants and they are overtaking our home, or...well you get the point.  For the record, I can't run 2 miles with a baby on my hip or cut Joe and Joseph's hair with a baby on my hip.
But, who really cares?!  He's adorable and lovable.  BradyBoy is such a joy to all of us.  He is growing and packing on the weight everyday it seems.  We can just watch him growing.  I think he's ready for cereal, I'm just trying to put it off as long as possible until it's necessary.  He is in size 3 diapers now, we only made it through 1 and a half boxes of size 2's and he had already outgrew them.

Bubba likes rolling around on the floor and has started scooting while on his back. He pushes himself back with his legs. His hair is growing in really thick and filling in that baby bald spot, I'm afraid he'll be rubbing it back off again unless he  learns to get around a different way.  I don't think it will be long before he's mobile, he spends too much time watching Joseph and the girls running around him.
I love all my sweet children, they make my life amazing.  They are so worth all the work and drama they create.  I am blessed.


Eleana said...

I love his face as he's chewing down on his toy. I love watching sibling love. I'm glad you're enjoying every moment and thank-you for the comment on my last post... I figured you were busy with 4 kids and all :o)

Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

That is one LUVed baby brother!