Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bullet Points

  • Life's busy...it's been raining and raining.  
  • I turned 29 yesterday.  I'm happy about it, I have such a blessed life.  To be able to celebrate it is amazing.
  • We celebrated over the weekend.  It included a sombrero and whip cream on my face.  I couldn't choose between eating out Chinese or Mexican.  You can figure out which one I chose.  
  • Joe gave me Diet Coke and a Pillow Pet, he is so funny!  Love him, he has celebrated 10 of my birthdays with me.
  • I have a few projects that I'm waiting to finish up when I can get outside and paint.  I've finally finished painting my downstairs.    I'll get my house back in order sometime and post pictures.  
  • Until then , you can check out my Pintrest board and see some of me inspirations for our home.  Pintrest is just what I'd wished for, a place to organize and collect links I come across and want to return to later.
  • I painted and painted, as I painted, I prayed alot.  It was good to be able to focus.  Working and thinking, praying and painting.  Things weigh on my mind and it all comes back to trusting God.  That He has a plan for my life, for a struggling friends life, for the lives of the people devastated from the tornado, and for this little girl's life.  I have to trust that He has a purpose, that He can heal, that He is good.  
  • The Lord is good, that is the conclusion I have come back to over and over this past week. There often aren't answers, just promises.
  • I have errands to run today.  Lots of errands!
  • Jenna is turning 3 on Saturday and we're having a Max and Ruby birthday party.   It's gonna be great.  She's super excited about a cake with candles.  
  • Turning 3 is so easy! 
  • We have soccer practice tonight if it isn't rained out.  The kids had their first games on Saturday and did great.  They had alot of fun.  Joseph scored 2 goals.  Bethany was a bit confused, as were her coaches, they were reading the rule book 5 minutes before the game AND during the game.  I'm sure they'll get it figured out by next game?!
  • A friend of my dear friend has a little girl in very critical condition. She is 3 years old and battling cancer. Please pray for her strength and healing.  There is a link above if you'd like to know more details.
  • Must get going now, have a great day!


Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

Which pillow pet did you get??? I'm just dying to know! I got the bumble bee for Maddie, but I really, really want the purple unicorn for myself! Ha! :) Happy b-day again. Glad you enjoyed your b-day.

Miranda said...

I got the dog!

Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...


OneMommy said...

Happy birthday! And happy birthday to your little one, as well.
I will pray for the little girl - so much hardship in the world~

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday! I turned 32 yesterday!!!!

Bonnie said...

Wow you are one busy Mama.

But you sound so incredibly happy and blessed.

Struggling here myself, spiritually and emotionally but getting by.