Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It all started with blue countertops...

I must preface this post with a disclaimer: my house is not as clean as it appears. I picked up a dirty diaper {or two}, random toys, pillows off the floor, blew dust off the furniture {literally} and I hid a few things behind closed doors before I took these pictures. It wasn't very thorough, and certainly didn't last 10 seconds longer than I took pictures. In fact you could play a game as you look as these pictures, it's called "What doesn't belong?"
 I would never have chosen to paint my kitchen blue.  As a matter of fact, I think I violated decorating kitchen rules by painting blue walls in the kitchen.  Apparently, it suppresses appetite.  And that's a problem because...?!  I could use a decrease in appetite and I think my cooking is good enough to trump the color blue.  When my husband and children start wasting away, I'll reconsider! 
I picked out Behr Misty Morn to compliment my blueish-gray countertops.  We had planned on replacing them with a design more current, but basic Formica countertops were going to dig deep into our savings and we didn't feel that would be a wise decision.  {The children probably would rather have presents at Christmas than fashionable countertops.}
I really love this color, it has changed my attitude toward my kitchen completely.  It would be a beautiful color to paint a dining room or a bedroom.  It's very clean and fresh.
There is dress-up in the floor and a science experiment on the counter.  The kids are growing turtles and dinosaurs.  It's really not that scientific, but Bethany says it is.

I'm envisioning large patterned, mostly red colored curtains on the windows in the kitchen and am planning on changing up the hardware on my cabinets.  The curtains would really brighten up the room and stand out among the subtle blue colors.  I haven't found what I'm looking for just yet so it might be awhile longer.  I'm fine with waiting until I find what I love.
The dining room and living room are painted Behr Coliseum Marble.  It's a very soft grayish/brown color and I love it.  It keeps the room feeling open and large.  I was afraid to go with really warm colors, I had them in our last home and was tired of them and felt they are too harsh for my mood these days.

 I made over my existing dining room light by taking off the globes and spray painting it red.  It was a very affordable, money-saving alternative and I really like it.
I spent my birthday money on new curtains for the dining room.  They were more expensive than I had hoped I'd have to spend.  I was paying for them at the store and the cashier commented on how beautiful they are.  I told her I was hoping to get them home and hate them so I'd return them and find something cheaper.  She told me it wouldn't happen and she was right, I think they make the room look totally different, in a much needed way.

I sewed a few new pillows for the couch and have 4 more to go in another print.  I am searching around for white panel curtains for the living room.  I tried some other curtains and they weren't what I had in mind so I returned them.

Lastly, I painted the powder room.  The lighting isn't very good and it's so small it's hard to capture, but the paint color is more yellow in there.  It's a paint I used in our last home, it's a color I had mixed and remixed, so it's original!  I hung this mirror that I found at a thrift store months ago.  I saw it and talked myself out of paying $12 for it.  All night I couldn't stop thinking about how much I'd love it if I painted it red, so the next day I went back and was relieved no one else had lost sleep over it and beat me back to it!
I still have many ideas and things I want to change and add, isn't that how making a home is?!  It just never feels done or perfect.  There is always work to be done, messes to be cleaned up, apologies to be made, attitudes to be changed, hearts to be taught, changing and re-arranging, improving, learning and growing.  A home is so much more than furniture and paint, it's a family.
As always, family is the most important thing.  I feel it's the greatest investment I could ever make.  I like my things and I enjoy making our house beautiful but my family brings the most beauty to it.  Sometimes it's good to be reminded and continue  learning to be content when what we have is enough...I have enough.  I have so much more than enough.


Wanting What I Have said...

Wow! Everything looks so fresh and clean-like, that kind of clean that doesn't go away when the laundry and toys pile up. :) Isn't a freshly painted house such a sweet blessing!? I am so glad you made yine to do this. How very rewarding!

Melissa Nicole said...

Miranda...I just love your new home. At least it is new to me. You are a beautiful decorator. I love the chandelier in the dining room. I can see why you couldn't return the curtains. They are all that and a bag of chips. ;) Enjoy your cheerful home!! Melissa

Eleana said...

Miranda, everything looks beautiful! Well worth all the time and effort you've put in. I especially love your dining room :o)

Miranda said...

Thank you all, it was so worth it!!

leah leah said...

I love your new home! Love your creativity!! I can't wait to come and visit!! <3

Miranda said...

Yes! You must come and visit, that would be great!!

Sarah B said...

Wow, your house is beautiful!