Monday, May 9, 2011

It's not much, but it's a start

Can this really be happening?
I sat down at the computer to blog!?
My house is quiet, ahhhh.  I haven't heard this sound for hours but it feels more like days.  The kids are in bed and after days on end of going from morning til midnight, I caught a moment to blog.
This life is crazy busy.  I don't have enough hours in each day for necessities let alone hobbies, like blogging.  How I miss this down time.  I often wonder where my blog time went and why I can't seem to find it, no matter how hard I try.  I really miss this place.  Will it ever be like it used to be!?
I will not even try to catch up on all that has gone on lately.  I could never get it all in, so it is going to be hard to sift through all that's been happening in our lives.  It's been crazy busy, have I said that already!?!  We've been celebrating my birthday, Jenna's birthday and Mother's Day.  Going to soccer practices and soccer games.  Going to doctor visits, a wedding, finishing up school for the summer, reading Charlotte's Web and I've been trying to savor moments that were a blur.  I also finished reading an excellent book on classical educating.  You must read if you home school or even if you don't.  Thomas Jefferson Education...I don't have time to tell...but it's life changing.  It has totally helped me get started on our school year next year, I can't wait.  If you get me started on the book I will almost never stop, so don't ask if you don't want to know!
My painting is finished, YAY!!!  My housework is kinda sorta back to regular load, {which is insane and I will never be completely caught up, ever in my life!} I finally caught up from my week off housework to paint.  Last week, there was no time for taking pictures of the final product.  I uploaded my pictures tonight and realized I hadn't done that since Easter.
We've had lots on injuries, some I've already filled you in on.  The latest was Bethany having a ballerina dancing injury.  That's way some little girls take lessons I suppose.  She went up for a twirl and came down on the side of her foot.  It was painful for a couple days, she was worried it wouldn't be healed in time for her soccer game, but it was.  We iced it and propped it up on a couch cushion at night.  I wrapped it in an ACE bandage and gave her some Motrin.
Friday Jenna had a sudden stomach ache that scared me enough to take her to the doctor.  She was in so much pain she couldn't even answer me when I asked her questions.  I couldn't comfort her and she couldn't get comfortable.  She rolled in the floor moaning and didn't want me to leave her.  I was worried that she had appendicitis.  Joe's family has a history of  appendicitis, 3 of his 5 siblings have had it and his sister passed away when her appendix ruptured.  He has an uncle who passed away from the same thing and many other members of his extended family have had it, so we're constantly on alert when our kids get stomach bugs.  This is the first time I've ever taken one of them in thinking they might have it though.
 It was the day before her birthday and it turned out to be strep.  She is so tough, they checked her blood count to make sure it wasn't appendicitis and they swabbed her throat and she just sat there without a whimper.  I was relieved and said we'd gladly take that over appenditis anyday.  Strep can cause bad stomach pain as well.  She was feeling pretty miserable until mid-Saturday.  We contemplated cancelling her party but weren't going to able to reschedule it for weeks, so we setttled on having it and anyone who didn't want our germs could decline the invite.
My kitchen is a wreck in the upper picture because we had a mouse living with us last week.  He was an unwelcome guest and had me frustrated to no end with his ghost like absence in the traps we set out.  He ate all of the poison we put out the first night, but left signs that he was still coming to visit every night.  This is the first time I've ever had a mouse in the house and have decided that little ole ants really aren't that bad.  I won't be complaining about ants anymore!!
We eventually plugged up the hole that was under our dishwasher and that seemed to resolve the problem, plus he eventually came to a tragic death in my trap.  It was a victorious defeat and Joe bravely took care for of his remains for me while I hid in the corner!

My sweet BradyBoy is chunking up every single day.  He turned 5 months on the 6th.  He has started rolling from his back to his belly and rolls all around the floor.  His tooth isn't through yet, but seems to be hurting him alot lately.  The days go by so quickly and all my children grow bigger and bigger.
Mother's Day was yesterday and I was so overcome with emotion.  I am so blessed to be the mom to 4 little children.  They brighten up my day, every single day.  Being a mom isn't easy but loving my children is.  The work is endless, yet so is the joy they bring.  I am so undeserving of the blessing they are to me and the husband that helps me be the mom I am. 
I also am so proud of my own mom and all that she is for me.  She in an amazing woman who truly has taught me everything I know.  The mother I am is a direct reflection of her and who she is.  I only hope to still be going strong and mothering as well as she continues to when my children are grown.
I must get some sleep, it's hard to come by these days.  I've barely said all that I wanted to say...maybe I'll get back tomorrow.  I intend to, just so you know I've intended to everyday for the past 3 weeks or longer.  The house pictures are might have noticed there is color on our walls in the pictures above.


Melissa Nicole said...

You are such a good mama Miranda. You have so much going on and you said it...sometimes it goes so fast it is much like a blur. But trying to savor those precious moments as life is spinning is so tough. You are so amazing...truly!

Wanting What I Have said...

You have had SO MUCH on your plate! WOW! I am glad your children are all on the mend?! I hope! And kuddos to you for getting your painting done. Projects like that are always so rewarding to me!