Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Soccer Season

Joseph is loving soccer!  We have been so impressed with how good he is playing.  He scored 5 goals at his game last week.  He gets the ball and runs with it right to the goal, sometimes a little too much.  When he's playing defense on one end of the field he often gets so excited he'll take the ball all the way down to his team's offensive goal and score.   If he's playing defense he isn't supposed to go into the offensive side of the field.  Overall, he is doing great and having so much fun.

Bethany is enjoying the season too but not as much Joseph.  She is also a good little player, but gets intimidated because people are watching her.  Her and her little team mate like to talk alot on the field. :) She tries hard and even plays well, but just doesn't love it.  Joseph has a huge smile on his face the whole time he's out there.  It's okay if she doesn't want to play next season, that would be fine.  She is having fun though, I just think she would enjoy something else better in the future.
Soccer has been great exercise for the kids.  They are memorizing scripture each week and have devotions at practice.  We are so happy with the Upward program, we can't say enough good about it. It's a very positive and fun environment.

As much as I brag on Bethany and Joseph for playing well and enjoying soccer, I also am impressed with Jenna.  She does so good sitting through practices and games.  I am proud of her for being patient.  I honestly don't know if Bethany and Joseph could do the same without complaining.  Jenna started off her birthday at the soccer field last week.  Bethany read to her while Joseph played his game.

I love soccer season.  It's not too hot and their games are early so the weather is nice.  It's not at a dusty ballpark or in a smoldering, crowded gym.  I may not always be so fortunate.  Joseph will definitely continue to play, it fits him well.  We will see what Bethany's verdict is next season!

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