Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We went out for ice cream

So, it's been awhile since we discovered Bethany had her first loose tooth.  She would wiggle it every now and then, I just left it up to her.  She's very independent and I was allowing her to take it at her own pace.  Last week she complained that her gum was sore, and I have wiggled her tooth from time to time but nothing serious.
Tuesday she was wiggling it and I checked to see if it was getting more loose.  When I looked in her mouth I realized her permanent tooth had already come in behind the loose one. 

After seeing for herself that her new tooth was already in, I explained that her loose tooth really needed to come out ASAP.  She was ready and allowed me to wiggle and twist her tooth.  She was the toughest I have ever seen her.  She is always very dramatic about things like getting a hang nail cut, ears cleaned out, her finger pricked at the doctor or getting a splinter out.
I remember after she was born she screamed and screamed.  My OB eventually went to look her over and said, "My goodness, you're just a drama queen!!"  At the time I just thought all babies screamed a long time after they were born, but none of my other babies did.  How right my doctor was!  Bethany is very much a drama queen about pain, except for this tooth!
After about 45 minutes of fooling with it off and on.  I pulled it out.  Bethany was so proud and I am very proud of her!!  She is such an amazing little girl, I love her so very much.  Seems like yesterday she was the little baby screaming on the warmer and now she is going toothless.
I remember when she got her first tooth at 10 months.  I was shopping at Old Navy, pushing her in a stroller.  I had clothes draped over the top of the stroller and as I was trying on clothes I realized that Bethany was chewing on a price tag.  She had some of it in her mouth when I took the tag away from her and I was fishing it out with my finger when I felt her sharp tooth.
It's a tiny bit bittersweet but like most things with motherhood, I'm discovering the journey forward isn't nearly as sad I as thought it would be.  Loosing her tooth is just as exciting as finding the first one.  In fact, I picked up the phone and called Joe and my mom both times.
It's awesome to watch my daughter growing and changing.  I hold onto the memories and we continue to make more every day.  {In other teeth news: Brady's first tooth is almost through and Jenna is cutting, two of four, 2 year molars.}


Wanting What I Have said...

So sweet! Made me get teary. Sister's bottom teeth did the same thing. They have straightened out quite a hit. I worried she was goof to have a seriously wacked out set of bottom teeth! But all is well. :)

Miranda said...

Ahh, thanks for the encouragement Jenn! I was worried about the same thing. It's amazing though, because it already looks like the tooth has mover forward since Tuesday.

Sarah B said...

Is it the same tooth? I mean you described finding her first tooth, it that the same tooth she just lost? It makes it more of a beginning and ending story if it's the same tooth.

If that was the case it could be like "Loosing her tooth is just as exciting as finding it the first time."

So sweet, you have precious children!