Thursday, June 16, 2011

In a nutshell, a big one

We've had a fun start to summertime. Soccer season has ended and it feels so good to have less places to go and more time at home. It was really a great season and we all enjoyed it, so it was bittersweet last weekend to see it come to an end. It certainly won't be our last though, despite Bethany saying she doesn't want to play next year, I think she truly liked it and may change her mind when sign ups come around.
Joseph loved playing soccer.  He was really good at it too.  I was sitting on the sideline at his last practice and he told his coach he thought he had gas!  That was a really proud moment!
Bethany and he both improved so much since the beginning of the season.  They both received trophies, Joseph was thrilled about having one and went around the house looking to the perfect spot to display it, it's now on his nightstand.
I am super proud of Bethany for sticking with it and working hard.  Even though she repeatedly said she wouldn't want to play again, she never complained about going to practice or playing games.  She diligently played and did her best.
We are starting to settle into our summer routine, of not having a routine.  It feels good, the kids are better about entertaining themselves and not having our day as structured as it is with school.  It's been extremely, miserably hot and the kids have played in the water some.

 {Jenna with her shoes on the wrong feet}

We found out that Bethany has a hole in her ear from her tube placement.  Although the tubes fell out, that she had put in when she was 3, her left ear hasn't closed the hole.  This explains a couple of recent ear infections, hearing loss and the excruciating pain she has if she gets water in her ear.  The doctor said we shouldn't do anything with it just yet.  It may close on it's own or she may learn to live with it.  So, we have to be cautious when she is bathing or playing in water and use ear plugs.  This day we were at my mom's house, so she used my dad's earplugs from his work.

We have a brand new swingset in our backyard!  It is what Jenna really wanted for her birthday, she repeatedly asked for a swing.  It took awhile of us to get it up.  It was missing some parts and my dad went on vacation while we were waiting for them to arrive.  The clubhouse section sat in out garage for nearly 2 weeks, which the kids thought was really cool.  They played on it for hours in the garage before it went to the backyard.

After alot of waiting from the kids and hard work from my dad, it was completely assembled last week.  The kids were all so happy.  Bethany said it was the best day ever!  Jenna sings every time she swings, it's her favorite thing to do.  She could swing for hours!!  It is for each of their birthdays so we had ice cream to celebrate too.
My sister and I have been busy with photography jobs this past week.  It's good timing to be busy with Joe home for the summer.  I'm enjoying the opportunity to earn money doing something I love.  I've been brainstorming some set-ups and shot options so today I ran through a couple of them with Jenna as practice for a shoot I'm doing on Saturday.
I have to add these as well, I asked the kids to just sit for me so I could take a few shots.  The funny thing is these pictures probably came out better then if I'd tried to get good pictures of them.  Bethany was wearing two dresses, which makes complete sense if your 6 I guess.

For several years, I've been wanting to make my own laundry detergent. Originally I was going to try my hand making a  liquid kind, but read many bad reviews on how hard it was too mix and how terrible it smelt.  I was worried it wouldn't clean well so I put it off, until I came across this powder recipe over at Wanting What I Have.  I love following Jenn's blog and she has been an encouraging blog friend to me.
I was able to find all of the ingredients at my Super Walmart, except for the essential oil, I bought it at Michaels.

Mix together:
1 part Borax
1 part super washing soda
1 part Oxiclean
2 parts grated bar soap{I grated mine with my grater, but you can use a food processor if you have one.}
essential oil
I use the scoop from the Oxiclean and put 1-2 scoops per load
This stuff is amazing, I really love it.  It cleans just as well if not better than Tide.  Making my own laundry detergent was very rewarding, knowing I saved a bunch of money and will continue to save a huge chunk of change every month.
I just want to say a quick thank you too all the sweet readers who encouraged me recently when I feel into a common motherhood pit of pity.  You guys are the greatest, I never expect to get such understanding responses.  I am such a blessed mamma, blessed to have a childhood friend send me an e-card sharing just the right scriptures and add at the end that I don't even have to respond if I don't have time, and sadly, I didn't.  Blessed to have my aunt email me encouragement {that I also didn't respond to, and blog readers leave me words of understanding.  And my sweet mother, she is the greatest, she listened to me whine and complain, while she was on vacation!  
Oh, dear!  Is it really almost 2 AM!  I must get myself to bed!


Wanting What I Have said...

Swingsets are THE BEST!!

Sweet pictures!

Thanks for the kind shoutout. I'm thrilled you're so pleased with your detergent!

Tracey said...

I really enjoyed checking out your site! Yea to the no-routine summer...those are the best! Sweet pics of sweet babies! And a big woo hoo to the homemade my dear are the bomb! BTU!