Monday, June 6, 2011

Jenna's 3rd birthday

Jenna's birthday party was a month ago tomorrow.  It was such a busy day, we started it off at the soccer field, watching Bethany and Joseph's game, then we rushed home to get dressed for a friends wedding, then we rushed out to eat with Joe's family to celebrate Mother's Day with his mom.  While we went out to eat, Jenna went home with my sister to get a nap before her party.
If you remember we had a Max and Ruby birthday party.  Jenna wore her fancy dress, because not only does she love dressing up, so does Ruby.
We had bunny ears.
We played pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs.
We ate marshmallow bunnies because marshmallows are Jenna's fav and Max loves them too.
On one episode of Max and Ruby, they make cakes for their Grandmother.  Ruby makes a Raspberry Fluffy Surprise cake and Max makes a dirt cake, so we have an angel food berry desert, and dirt desert.
Jenna had so much fun with all her friends and family. She is still talking about her birthday party.

I love the day that she was born.  I remember listening to Mighty to Save and bawling my eyes out at 5 AM that morning.  I was nervous about being induced, so eager to be done with my pregnancy.  It had been so long and tiring, 9 months with lots and lots of ultrasounds and lab work monitoring the effects my hyperthyroidism might have on her.  I was excited to finally hold her and find out how big she really was.  If you want to know you can find out here

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OneMommy said...

What a fun looking birthday! We've only caught a few episodes of Max and Ruby (we don't have cable, so we catch it at Mamaw's sometimes...), but it is a cute show. She looks like she had a blast, and the cakes both look yummy!