Monday, June 6, 2011

Reason# 2409 Why I love my husband

 Joe painted a full soccer field in our backyard!  He worked hard getting it perfect.  He bought soccer goals, field marking paint and string.  It looks amazing, I can't believe we have such a cool soccer field in out backyard.  The kids love it, what a great dad.  Maybe I can get better pictures later, the sun was a little too bright when I took these.  It was a very hot evening, Joe's birthday.
We played a game, girls vs. boys.  Jenna was our secret weapon, she was in and out of the game at her choosing.  Bethany and I decided we would call ourselves the Glitter Girls, and Joseph quick-wittedly said, "The GUTTER girls!!"  Every time we scored and did a Glitter Girls team cheer, he yelled, "Gutter Girls!"

At half-time, Bethany did a devotional, just like they have during their games at Upwards.  This is Bethany and I after the game, very hot and sweaty, but we had a lot of fun.

Brady played and napped on the sidelines. Jenna tended to him when she wasn't our secret weapon.

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