Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Camping with 4 littles, delights and disasters

The plan was to blog tonight, but Brady didn't get the memo.  Maybe he is teething again, I'm not sure, I keep thinking he is just exhausted and sleepy but after 3 attempts to put him to bed, he is still crying.  His nose has been running for over a week, it doesn't seem to be a cold, it's either allergies or teething.  We'll see how far and in depth this post goes, I'll take what I can get out though.

We left the house 20 minutes after bedtime last night, headed to McDonald's for ice cream.  Bethany lost another tooth, this time Joe pulled it out.  Joseph and Jenna were so excited that she lost her second tooth and they got ice cream too.  Jenna was wondering how to get a loose tooth and Joseph was telling her if she hit it really hard on something it might get loose. Joe and I were listening from the front of the van, hoping she doesn't get any ideas in her head!
Our camping trip was really great.  I packed everything but my battery charger and extra battery for my camera so I didn't get many pictures.  Most of these came from my sister's camera she and I both used it. It was hot, but I'm getting better about ignoring it.  There were heat advisories so we tried to find activities indoors during the mid-days.

Our first day was really fun, we happened upon a lady in the country selling fried pies, so we stopped and bought some for our picnic, they were delicious.  On our way to eat a little diner a friend recommended, we saw a tractor pull assembling in a farmer's field.  At the diner we asked around and found out it was free and anyone could come that wanted to, so after supper we watched the tractor pull less than a mile from our campground.  Joseph loved it and we all enjoyed watching it.
Brady is still crying so either this post will end unbruptly or I'll be typing one handed very slowly....
My parents and sister joined us the first couple days and night.  We enjoy hanging out with them but I also have to add that they make camping with 4 small children so much easier, if not possible. We stayed an additional night and it was completely as I expected, CRAZY!  Maybe I'll get to that later...

We visited Mammoth Cave National Park and took a tour of a cave, which is a perfect thing to do when the heat index is 106.  The kids were able to earn another Junior Ranger Badge and they learned what a cave is like.  We are fortunate to live so close to the world's largest cave system, over 390 miles long.  The park is under alot of renovations right now but will be really nice when it's completed next year.
Jenna thought we were calling it Mamma's Cave, and so she kept asking when we were going to go see Mamma's {what my kids call my mom}Cave.  Then she was disappointed when she found out there wasn't any cake there, I guess she was hearing cave like cake!  We promised her brownies instead and she didn't seem to mind.
So, after my parents went home on Sunday Joe, the kids and I headed back to camp.  They all needed bathing, especially in the heat, so I went to give them showers before bedtime.  Joseph needed to go to the restroom really badly, so he and Bethany ran ahead where I could still see them.  When I got to the women's restroom though neither of them were in there and I half freaked.  Bethany came around the corner outside the restroom and explained the Joseph had ran into the men's restroom.  I wasn't happy about that and called for him to come out immediately but he was already undressed and couldn't come out.  I sent Bethany retrieve Joe from our campsite so that he could come keep an eye on Joseph and see that he returned to me safely.
After he finished, I took the three oldest to the shower and as I was finishing Bethany's shower I told Joseph to get undressed, as he was getting undressed he said, "Uh-oh!" Without getting into too much detail, he had somehow soiled his underwear in his rush.  After getting undressed, it was everywhere on his legs and feet, then he kicked his shorts and underwear off his ankles and they landed on Jenna's feet and shoes!  By that time, the entire shower smelled like a dairy farm!  I was forever cleaning the two of them up and all three of the kids thought it was really hilarious!!  I have spared you readers the details, but I had to keep some account of this moment.
I had put Brady back to bed, but he is screaming again...

So anyway, camping with 4 little ones with just Joe and I was a roller coaster of feeling really great about the fact that we were doing it, but before pride could really set in, having a moment of wondering why in the world I thought we should tackle an extra night.  It just didn't seem worth it, especially considering the heat.  Home feels closer to a vacation now!
With so much more I could blog about, I have to keep this short and tend to my Bubba.  From my co-blogger and I, good-night stalkers!

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Jenn said...

Oh wow! What an adventure. I feel so bad about the potty accident, but I must admit I am giggling over here at how you must have looked (and smelled) during that time. This time period flies girl!! I already am looking back wondering where my babies went. Ugh!