Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer school

Bethany has been teaching Jenna her colors with paperclips.  I woke up yesterday morning to hear them in the bonus room.  Bethany was asking Jenna, "What color is this Jenna?"  Then they put the same colors in piles.
She told me she was trying to teach Brady his signs.  Sometimes he wakes up before I do and Joseph or Bethany will climb into his bed and play with him.  That morning she had gotten in his bed and tried to teach him, more and please.  We've been working on more and sleep, so far he waves bye-bye.
Bethany has also been trying to teach him to crawl, she gets him on all fours and he rocks back and forth.  I'm not exactly ready for him to take off yet.  He's gonna be a busy boy, we can tell already.  He has his eye on the rest of the pack and I think he plans on keeping up them asap.  He's very active already, jumping around in our arms and lunging for things out of reach, he's very fast and can grab a cell phone or plate of food quick as a flash!
My kiddos love watching JellyTelly, it's been a fun summer treat.  It's cute and funny, plus their learning about God, sometimes.  Sometimes not, but at least it's good clean fun.  They are presently all sitting next to me, waiting for my to finish blogging so they can finish Chapter 8 of Molly Pickens.

We've been reading, reading, reading.  I don't think I have ever enjoyed a summer like I have this one. Summer is my least favorite season, but this one has been filled with lots of learning and exploring new places.  We are so blessed to have Joe home with us.  It's been a busy summer, but it's been so nice to have slow moving mornings, drinking coffee.  I'm gonna miss him when school goes back in session.
I've started reading over my Institute for Excellence in Writing, Primary Arts of Language curriculum and couldn't be more excited!  I've only made it through the intro for Writing Part 1, but it is already so helpful. A few of my highlighted favorite things about the curriculum are..
  • Letting the child use a pen instead of a pencil, explanation here
  • All of the lower case letters have cute little writing ques, like the c, is a happy letter because it is like a cookie that some one took a bite out of, o is a sad letter because no on took a bite out of it
  • Keeping  a daily journal and explaining why you capitalize, e.g. the date, or punctuate certain things as you model writing.
  • They suggest the child learning to write letters on a whiteboard on the wall or an easel before paper, so that when they go up and down writing a letter, they truly are going up and down
I'm sure I'll have more to share about this later.  For now, have a Happy Friday!

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Blessed Adventures said...

It is so nice to stop in and catch up! Wonderful photos of your sweet family this summer. Blessings, Catherine Anne