Monday, July 18, 2011

We were heading to the hospital

Psalm 36:7
How priceless is your unfailing love, O God!  People take refuge in the shadow of your wings. 

Only minutes after I clicked Publish on my previous post, I went downstairs.  I walked right into the noisy, screaming of the kids attacking Joe.  As my feet hit the last step, the back of Bethany's head hit Jenna's face.  I saw it, but more so I heard it.  It was a big, loud, CRACK.  Instantly my stomach turned and I didn't even stop to look at her because Joe had scooped her up already and I went straight to the freezer and retreived an ice pack then turned back to the living room to see her.
She was bleeding, crying obviously.  I remember hearing Joseph wailing with fear, though physically he was fine.  Bethany had dashed upstairs to her room afraid she would be in trouble and afraid because Jenna was hurting.  The cracking sound had Joe and I both scared to death, the sound alone sent us into a near panic.  He asked me to look, but unlike any other time our kids have been injured I couldn't.  I was too afraid to look.  I imagined it was her teeth we'd heard or her nose.  It became quickly obvious that her nose was fine, she was bleeding under her top lip, right between her two front teeth.  Joe had a friend that broke his upper pallet in high school, he suspected it was that.  He looked inside her mouth and the roof of her mouth appeared to be bleeding and split.  "We've got to go Miranda!!"
I immediately began yelling for Bethany and Joseph to get in the van.  Joseph was still howling in tears and Bethany came out of her room as I was getting Brady out of his bed from his nap.  I was trying to call my parents to let them know we were heading to the hospital and ask them to meet us there.  As I tossed Brady in his carseat, Joe yelled from the kitchen that it wasn't as bad as he thought, it looked like it was all coming from under her lip.
Jenna was profusely crying and understandably didn't want to open her mouth anymore.  She was crying and saying, "I want Mammmma!"  It's often that she says that, every time she is hurt or in trouble, she says that.  We quickly assured her we would take her to go see Mamma, but first she had to let us look inside her  mouth.
I wasn't so sure that it was simply coming from the lip, because what about the CRACK we had heard.  After lots of questioning and examination, we ruled out the broken pallet and she began to calm down.  Joe and I were both still shaking.  Joseph came in and said, "Jenna, I want to give you something.  I want to give you this, be-because I w-was worried about you, Jenna."  his voice was shaking.  He handed her a bright red Matchbox car and then melted into sobs, laying over her.  Joe and I just looked at each other and cried, overtaken by our own love and relief for Jenna and Joseph's tender heart.  As his back shook, Jenna said, "I can't see Buddy!", which made us laugh.
Jenna has always had a very thick, fat piece of skin that connected her lip, low to her gum, between her two front teeth.  Our pediatrician had said that it may possibly have to be clipped in the future when her permanent teeth come in or she said, it might get knocked loose.  That is what happened today.  Her lip was really swollen but it has already gone down.  We can already tell a difference in Jenna's smile, now when she smiles we can see her upper teeth, before they stayed covered by her lip.
We took Jenna to visit my mom right after we realized that nothing serious had happened.  Mom cheered her right up and gave her a Popsicle.  We are so grateful that Mamma's house is only 3 minutes away and that she doesn't charge outrageous medical bills for her comforting.
Joe and I were both drained and announced that we were just going to watch Monsters Inc. when we returned from my parents house.  We told the kids to go get their blankets and pillows to lay in the floor and watch the movie.  Joe asked Bethany to get Jenna's for her.  "I already got it Mommy." Joseph said.  I asked him when had gotten it and he said, "When Jenna got hurt I thought she might need it so I brought it downstairs earlier."  His heart amazes Joe and I.  Joe said, "His heart is bigger than his body."

Jenna has clutched the red car ever since he gave it to her, it went to my parents, she held it as she watched the movie, she brought it to the supper table.  We had Zucchini casserole for supper, Jenna couldn't remember what it was called and called it, "Puccini."  We corrected her but again later she couldn't remember and called it "Volcano Casserole".
It's definitely been a emotional day for all of us and reminded us how much we all love each other and how thankful we are to God for keeping our children safe and healthy.  In the end, I'm glad that her lip has separated from her gum.  We never did figure out what made the CRACK sound, my stomach still flips every time I think about it.  Bethany's head was just fine, and it was all an accident.  However, wars ought not to be waged against Joe anymore.  I feel like they have subsided for awhile, but certainly not forever. 


Wanting What I Have said...

So thankful she is ok!!! We know all about those scary moments...

Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

Oh my! Glad Jenna is alright!!

Sarann said...

Some days it is so tough to be a parent. So happy everything turned out ok!