Tuesday, August 2, 2011

After a late night trip to Wal-Mart

These last few days of summer break have been full.  We've been enjoying them with Joe and celebrating my sisters birthday.  I'm always multi-tasking, and it's hard to multi-task anything with blogging.  I've had lots of preparations to get in order for our school year, honestly I'm still haven't gotten everything the way I want it but in time it'll get done.  Right now I feel like my entire house needs revamped by a major detox of toys and clothes, to simplify our life and help eliminate distractions and extra messes.  It's coming sometime soon.
I already went to bed once tonight.  We had a paci go MIA and despite turning the house upside down, ripping apart our couch and emptying our van, we couldn't find it or another one anywhere.  I perservered to get Brady to sleep without it and crossed my fingers that he would sleep through the night without it.  I crawled into bed, it's one of those days that my body aches all over I just wanted to get some sleep.  A little after 11 he woke up screaming.  I threw on some clothes that really didn't look great and packed him to the van.  He and I had a Wal-mart date and treated ourselves to two brand new pacifiers.  What a mother doesn't do for her baby and some sleep!  When we got to the van I opened the package and gave him a brand new paci and the look one his sweet face made it worth it all.
It's been a very long day, at 4 o'clock I told Joe it was one of the longest days of my life.  He went back to work today and we had our first day of school.  It's the beginning of a new phase in motherhood and homeschooling.  This is my first year with 2 in school, Bethany is in the second grade and Joseph is in Kindergarden.  We are all excited and eager to learn.  Joseph is going to make a great little student, he is a fast learner and loves to gain more knowledge.  Bethany just picked up like we never left off.
 As happy as we are to conquer new tasks, accomplish reading list and have fun together, it's gonna be challenging to say the least.  I'm sure before long we will have a working school routine that flows better, but today it was rough.  Two kids asking questions and needing lots of hands on attention at the same time and all the while, Jenna is wanting to help and "do it too."  I keep telling myself these are the easy years!
I took pictures this morning and this one just seems to sum today up, we run a crazy house!
And it's about to get crazier because my little almost 8 month old is bouncing off the floor trying to take off on me.  I'm scared to death of what it's going to be like.  In the past 2 weeks, he has put us on our toes over small bits of paper, lint and toys being on the floor.  He no longer can be left anywhere other than the floor or his crib.  He's doing the army crawl everywhere and trying his very hardest to really crawl.  He may just skip the crawling entirely though because he is also trying to pull up on anything.  Joe walked into his room to get him out of his crib on Saturday and found him like this...

So, yesterday the mattress was lowered, we are ready for take off now.  I like this age and I'll take him immobile as long as he likes.  He's just the greatest size, the perfect packing baby. He doesn't know what freedom is and doesn't fight naps and being confined in a car-seat, crib, high-chair or exersaucer.  He is happy to be held and doesn't want to get down or go anywhere.  I have a feeling the flood gates are about to be opened, and though we'll all cheer him on and brag about his accomplishments, my mommy's heart still wants him to stay small as long as possible.
Jenna likes to feed him because she gets to sneak a few of his snacks too.  I keep telling her they're for babies but she doesn't seem to care.  Brady will gladly put it away.

Speaking of Jenna her lip has healed from her war-on-daddy injury and she has a bigger smile to prove it.
She truly is a nut, that is all we can say about her.  Tonight she told me she didn't want to be a girl, she wished she was a boy.  When I asked her why she didn't want to be a girl she said, "Because I just look silly with all this hair."  Then she pouted.  I offered to cut her hair all off like Joseph's but told her she would still be a girl and she said, "Can you cut it tonight?!"  Bethany said, "Jenna, that would look terrible!" and Jenna yelled, "NO SISSY.  It would not LOOK TerriBLE!"  Later, I told her how happy I am that she is a girl and how much I loved her, when I asked about cutting her hair she said, "No, that would be silly!"  She is always trying to get a reaction and puts on a show.
I'm usually not big on taking, let alone posting. pictures of bathtubs filled with children but I couldn't resist this one.  I'll leave you with this one and then I'm taking my aching body to bed for the final time tonight.


~Mom~ said...

Such a wonderful Mom. A memory just for you and Brady,and the rest of blog world :)
You better hide all the scissors! Sooner or later it is bound to happen, if she ever gets the opportunity and sees those scissors laying around.
Love you and HAPPY HOME SCHOOLING 2011-2012
I'm here for field trips.

Anonymous said...

I can imagine what chaos you're feeling right now as school starts...but I have NO DOUBT that you will do WELL with it and INSPIRE others as you constantly do! Love you and miss you! ~Erin

Summe Crowder said...


You are amazing. I hope one day I can run a house as well as you do. I admire both you and Joe. Lots of love!!:) Oh and get ready for our yard saleing extravaganza soon!:)