Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Building more than the obvious

Good Morning Sunshine's! I hope you have had something good for breakfast this morning. I was up at 6, so I was able to drink an entire cup of coffee without interruption. I have so much to do today, but find myself here for a few minutes.
 I bargained with the kids yesterday.  A morning of peacekeeping, obedience, kindness and speaking loving words would get them a surprise after school.  Let me just say, we need all the motivation I can give them.  We've got so far to go folks!
Jenna has emerged from her week-long sickness grouchier than ever and doesn't mind telling it like she sees it too!  In a very loud, harsh voice!! Just this morning at 2 minutes after 6, she woke up yelling at Bethany, who she woke from sleeping, "Sing to me SISSYYYY!"  She continued screaming at Bethany for not singing to her until I got there to end the situation.
Bethany seems to be the main target of Jenna's demands and attacks.  Some of them invited, some not.  I can't tell you how many times Jenna has come whining to me over the past week saying, "Sissy, is makin' me a headache!"  So, I've definitely been filling my days with "bud nippin' ".
 As was the agreement, I got my mostly pleasant morning and they got their surprise, a tent-more-like-fort.  There was drama, and tears, and fighting, and unyielding when Bethany didn't get her way because Joseph spread a blanket that took up too much room.  She didn't like the way it looked and was determined to argue her point of view rather than give a little, so she was evicted by her choosing.

After crying her eyes out and weeping until she was hoarse, she decided she could live with the blanket after all.  I'm so glad she finally decided to join everyone else.  These butterfly books find their way around the house.  Bethany spends hours and hours looking at them, usually in her bed.
We're reading Pollyanna together in the afternoons.  What a great book!  The kids saw the movie but it's been a while.  I hate it when they already have a movie plot in mind before reading a book, it kinda spoils everything. 
Our Johny Jump Up came, as I hoped BradyBoy likes it!  Yay, for more time to cook, clean, do school and less time spent retrieving him off the steps.  How can this be happening?!  None of my other kids climbed stairs until they were 12-14 months!
Does anyone else think that Tylenol bottles make the best teethers ever?!  All my kids have gotten more good out of chewing on one of these than anything else.  Brady still doesn't have any teeth, not that I'm complaining, I just can't believe it with all the times I claimed him teething in his 8 and a half months.
Until next time blogging, have a great Wednesday!!  It's gonna be a hot one here.

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