Monday, August 29, 2011


 My mom helped the kids catch a grasshopper they found outside of our garage on Friday.  It was a perfect 12 hour pet for them, the most agreeable, docile grasshopper.  He didn't spit at them and was easy to re-capture while Joseph was letting him free later that even. No, he was  not dead!

Bethany made a sign for his home that read, "Hoppy's home do not disturb him! And Defetlly do not shake him!"  She drew a nice landscape, with the sun shining, on her Doodle and placed it behind his bug box so "he'd feel at home".  We're just that hospitable around here!
Joseph let him free and re-caught him about 4 times before finally giving him his life and sanity back.
Hoppy was a good reminder to learn about grasshoppers, katydids and crickets.  So we took some time to add some extra fun learning into our day.  Thanks Hoppy!


Amanda Brady said...

So, I dont like grasshoppers...can't really think of any bugs that I do like- but I must admit, your photo of him is awesome!

Sarann said...

We had a play session with roley poley's the other day, it was great fun!

Our Crazy Crew said...

Oh, my kiddos love anything that moves! They love snakes, lizards and frogs the most! The last snake they brought inside was lost indefinitely. We never found it! And I especially don't like grasshoppers and ladybugs. They both bite...HARD!