Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jenna and I went on a date to urgentcare and Walgreens

 Jenna had been having some tummy troubles over the past 48 hours.  Yesterday evening she started running a fever and this morning her tummy troubles worsened.  Joe and I were slow in remembering that the last time this kinda thing happened, she had strep.  Once we pieced it all together this evening, I took her to an urgent care center.
Her fever had been really high and her belly was hurting pretty intensely but once she and I left together and Motrin started helping with her fever, she talked and talked the entire time.  She is such an adorable child and though I give her a hard time for being crazy and we call her a nut, she is so sweet she'll give us a toothache as Joe says.  Alone time together is rare and she certainly wasn't gonna let feeling bad ruin her opportunity!

She started laughing after we talked to Joe while we where waiting in the exam room.  He teased her and told her to be a good girl and to not get crazy and act like Jenna T. Bass.  He said, "Don't throw any rocks through any windows or anything!", from then on she had a smile on her face the rest of the night.  Joe has a special way of making the kids laugh.

 She is a brave girl.  The nurse swabbed her throat and she didn't even grimace.  Thankfully, we were in and out really quickly, with a diagnoses of strep and a prescription.  As we were leaving Jenna asked if they had any stickers.  The nurse kindly took Jenna to give her some and Jenna asked if she could have some for her Buddy, Joseph, too.  She already had plenty of girl stickers to share with Bethany.  As we were leaving she said, "I got lotsa stickers to share wiff Sissy and Buddy!"
 We were wasting time at the pharmacy, waiting for her prescription to be filled.  I was wondering from one aisle to the next looking for something interesting to catch my eye.  We were passing the card aisle and Jenna exclaimed, "Look Mommy, cards!  Lets go down dis way, I wan'a look at da cards, 'kay?!"  I was shocked by her interest and since I had nothing to look at that would bring me that much joy I agreed that she could look at the cards.
 She immediately stopped right inside the aisle and from there on all I remember is her sweet little voice, full of so much happiness, saying things like, "Oh, look!  Aren't they pretty Momma?"
"Dis one has sparkles, isn't it cute?"
"What does it say?  Will you read dis one to me?"
"Cin-er-ella, see Mommy!  I like dis one!"
"Look at all dese cards, dare girl ones."
"Ooo, dis ones got sparkles, see?  What does it say?"
She would pull out a card, look at the front, open it, turn it to see the back, then want to put it exactly back where it went.  After we had been there awhile I suggested we move on somewhere else and she said, "Then we can come back and look at more cards?"  I could see that nothing was gonna be more fun than letting her explore the greeting cards, so we stayed until the pharmacist called our name.
I didn't know she loved cards so, I guess she gets it from me.  She is such a blessing!!

Jenna isn't the only one that went to doctor this week, Bethany complained about her ears hurting on Wednesday.  I took her to see our pediatrician.  It turned out that she didn't have an ear infection but her tonsils were swollen so she prescribed Bethany an anti-biotic, hoping to help prevent an infection and get her feeling better all around.
I had taken Bethany to her ear nose and throat doctor's office a couple months ago, after she had several infections, a re-ruptured ear drum and complained about her ears popping and not being able to hear well.  We saw a PA who assured us that her ears looked fine, except for a small hole from where her tube had fallen out and it hadn't closed.  She said it may close on it's own, or we may find it needs to be repaired much later.  She said her hearing was fine and that the hole wasn't large enough to worry about. She prescribed Bethany a nasal spray to help with all her sinus issues and we have been giving her allergy medicine.
I filled our pediatrician in about all that we discussed at the ENT's office and she explained that it looked to her like Bethany may be developing scar tissue behind the hole in her ear.  She was concerned that it needed something done with it and wanted me to have our ENT look at it.  Our doctor felt Bethany may need surgery to prevent the scar tissue from growing and causing hearing loss.  We love our pediatrician and so value her opinion, Bethany has an appointment in September with the ENT.
We are praying that God will heal Bethany's ear and that in September it will not need surgery.  Bethany is a worrier and listened to everything our doctor said.  We would appreciate prayers for Bethany's ear.
As we were walking in the house after Bethany's appointment , Bethany said, "But what's so bad about having hearing loss?"  I told her that once you lose your hearing you can't get it back and that we wouldn't want that to happen.  We read a book about Thomas Edison this summer and Bethany said, "Yeah, well Thomas Edison had hearing loss and he survived just fine!"

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OneMommy said...

Hope both your girls get feeling better soon! My little guy has been a grump all summer - he has allergies and so far our doctor just acts like it is no big deal and 2 year old's don't need medicine.... Sick kids are no fun! Praying her ear heals on its own!