Monday, August 15, 2011

The Kindergartener

Joseph is doing really well in Kindergarten.  We have things to work on, like penmanship.  Some days he dislikes writing numbers and letters more than others, on those days I resort to requiring amazing work one time and that's all, or sometimes I will do the written work for him and today I bargained with him.  For every number 1-10 that he wrote well on the board, I gave him that many marshmallows.  He wrote a good 1, so that was one marshmallow, than a great 2 and so on.  At the end he had 55 marshmallows!
His funny little answers keep us laughing, I'll share a few.  This year for our Bible curriculum we are doing Apologia's What We Believe series, we're starting out with the first book, Who is God?  This is an apologetic, biblical worldview series, that is amazing!  I highly recommend it we have had some really great discussions.  This book brings up many great questions and teaches that we can find the answers in God's Word.  I love how we start out learning one thing but the more the kids and I talk, the deeper we go and the things we end up talking about together.  We break it up, it's a lot to cover and digest, even for me.  Some days we read two pages, other days we'll just read a short section.
So, in the first chapter we learned about building our lives on either The Rock or other things, sand.  We talked about choosing whom to serve, which way to go, that kinda thing.  Joseph mentioned one day something about two paths, a dark path and a path that is gold.  The first day I overlooked his comment, but when he brought it up again the next day I figured we should talk about it.  I asked what he meant and he said, "You know, there are two paths. The dark path that leads to hell and the path made out of gold with a rainbow at the end."  Hmmm...  When I asked where he learned this, he said church.  I explained that this isn't true and he is probably getting confused with the streets of gold in heaven and the scripture in the Bible that says, there is a narrow road and a wide road.
That same day, one of the questions we talked about is why is there so much evil in the world.  The answer was in reference to Satan being the ruler of this world since God kicked him out of heaven.  I asked Joseph why God kicked Satan out of heaven and he said, "Because the devil kept jumping out and scaring God, so God kicked him out of heaven."  What!?  We had just read about Satan being prideful and wanting to be above God and somehow Joseph got that out of it?!  I re-read the section about God kicking Satan from heaven and Joseph was still insistent that it was because Satan kept jumping out and scaring God.
Today we read about Charles Darwin, who he was and what he believed.  I explained that he lived a very long time ago, as I was saying, "200 years ago."  Joseph spoke over me and asked, "Like in the 80's?"
Joseph made my day the other night, he came down from playing with his Lego's to show me how he had made the "special sound" we have been learning, "Th".  It's nice to know he's learning something correctly!

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