Monday, August 22, 2011

My husband rocks and so does Women of Faith

After clipping each of the kids finger and toe nails, given them baths, laying out their clothes for the next couple days and one night, baking pumpkin bread and a meal for Joe to pop in the oven, catching up on the laundry and cleaning, emptying out the fridge {so no one would get food poisoning while I wasn't there to guard the expired food, and making an in-case-of-emergency list, I left for less than 48 hours.  It's funny to think I did all that for such a short absence, it seems I should have been gone at least a week, but I'm glad I wasn't.
Today I'm back to my usual living in the moment, I have hardly given thought to supper, Mt. McLaundry has yet to be conquered and the baby boy is gathering his cheeks full of paper off the floor again.  I did just get out of the shower, but then as soon as I stepped on the bath mat, I wondered, "Did I shampoo my hair?  I can't remember...maybe I did...I think I did?!"  I smelled a wet tip of hair and decided that yes, I had.
This Monday is different than last Monday.  Over the weekend, I got a break, had a huge change of scenery and routine.  I was responsible for no one other than myself. {and my monkey, aka sister.  Inside joke, you had to have heard Henry Cloud's talk about Necessary Ending to understand.} It was a really nice rarity!! 
God is so good to provide such a fabulous weekend for me, at Women of Faith.  I sat in my seat {on the 6th row from the stage} during a break and thought to myself how truly amazing it was that I was there.  I have never been able to leave my children and responsibilities that long in my 7 years of motherhood.  Not only did I have the opportunity to hear amazing speakers like Luci Swindoll, Lisa Harper, Sheila Walsh, Henry Cloud and Angie Smith, who each encouraged and inspired, I also had the chance to just hang out with my monkey...sister.  Considering I have many responsibilities with a husband, 4 children, a home and so on, this is a miracle.  God worked out so many details.  Our whole weekend went smoothly from leaving my nursing boy to having perfect traffic, from not getting lost in the big city to finding cheap parking, from being on time for every single place we were supposed to be to eating yummy food.
God is in the small stuff and I am so glad than He is, He is just that big.  One instance of that was when we left our parking lot for supper and the attendant told us that we didn't have to pay when we returned, even though that is what the sign stated.  Another was when my sister really wanted to purchase something from the Women of Faith merchandise and went back and forth about buying it.  Finally at the end of the conference she decided to buy it, as we were waiting for someone to wait on us a lady came up behind us and asked if we could use a coupon.  She handed my sister a $5 off coupon for the CD she was wanting.
I have to say, that my husband is simply the greatest.  He rocks for being willing to take off work and take on life with the kids while I was gone.  He did perfectly, as I knew that he would.  I had several people tell me that there is no way their husbands would have agreed to something like that and no way that they would have left their husbands to take care of the kids, but Joe and I both did it without hesitation.  I missed him and the kids which made coming home so very sweet!
Jenna just told me today that she got "ssared" by one of the Little House on the Prairie episodes because it had, "inyians" on it, so "I cried and Daddy colored Pony's with me."  What a good daddy to color My Little Pony's with his 3 year old.

Jeremiah 29:13 You will seek me and you will find me, when you seek me with all of your heart.
This entire weekend was a reminded that God cares for me.  He hears silent prayers, He know the desires of my heart, He is all the I need.  God is my source.  It is His place to fill me and refresh me.  My job is to seek Him and trust Him.  It is such a blessing to know that He is here, He takes on each day with me, He is amidst the hike up Mt. McLaundry, the battles with a toddler, the food that doesn't fully cook because the gas ran out on the grill, the rushed showers and the all the rest of my daily grind.
At 5:30 we sat down to eat supper and Joe found my nearly full, cup of cold coffee sitting on the table from breakfast.  I only drank a couple drinks and then one call led to another call for help and I never finished it, or realized I hadn't finished it.  This a very common happening, sometimes I wonder why I'm so tired and then at lunch I realize I never finished my coffee.  I'm so glad that coffee isn't my source!

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