Tuesday, August 16, 2011


  • Babygirl Jenna is still sick.  Today is was day five of dealing with tummy troubles and wearing diapers.  {Brady wears a size 4 now, it's the biggest diaper Jenna ever wore, and it still fits her perfectly.}  My heart broke for her, she has been miserable.  She has lost 4-5 pounds.  I called the doctor on call Sunday night to ask if we should switch her antibiotic and he recommended waiting until Monday.  On Monday she seemed slightly better, her fever finally left, so I thought for sure she would be well by today.  It's been rough on us both, but I know I have the better end of the deal for sure.  God is so gracious to keep the rest of us healthy.  I can't imagine what life would be like if the other kids were down and out and just as demanding.  
  • Every night I tuck her in and tell her she will feel better tomorrow.  Surely tomorrow she will be back to her old self.  Our doctor changed her prescription so she should be feeling better soon!!  She tells me every time her tummy hurts or she is miserable, "Mommy, I just don't like being sick!"  She knows all about diarrhea now and it's funny to hear her say things like, "I was just watchin' TV and I got diarrhea."  She has been very irritable, understandably, and will yell at Bethany and say, "Sissy, you are makin' me a headache!!"
  • I'm still running several times a week.  I have ran 3.2 miles twice this week, this is my personal best distance in 35 minutes.  I still hate running but I'm improving.  Sometimes I tell myself this will be the last time I run, I know it's not true but it helps to not think about doing it again the next day.
  • Fall is in the air and I am rooting it on!  I can smell it in the air, the past couple nights have been great for running.  I love smelling clean laundry, tonight must have been wash day because I smelled alot of laundry drying as I ran the neighborhood.
  • I'm going away this weekend, this is a very rare thing!!  I'm leaving Joe and the kids, my sister and I are going to Women of Faith.  The only time I have left my kids this long, I have been with Joe.  I won free tickets from a blog giveaway.  It is a God thing, I was the only person who signed up for them, how in the world does that happen?!  Our church ladies go to Women of Joy every spring and I have wanted to go for the past 2 years.  I have prayed about it and knew that God knew I wanted to go to something like this, but there is never money in the budget.  And honestly, if God provided money I wouldn't spend it on tickets to go.  Winning these tickets was an answer to a silent prayer, God really does know the desires of our heart and He has His ways of taking care of us.  He so cares about the little things. 
  • I'm a little anxious about leaving Joe and the kids, especially Brady, but I'm sure they will be fine.  I know I'm going to miss them, but I'm sure my sister and I will have a great time.
  • I bought the stuff to make my own dish washing detergent.  I'll share about that after I've given it  a thorough try out!
  • I'm wanting to make pumpkin bread, maybe tomorrow.
  • I bought Bradyboy a Johny Jump-up on ebay.  I'd previously shopped and couldn't find one cheap enough since I don't know that he would like it, but I think he will.  Today I decided to look again and found a jumper selling in 8 minutes, I snagged it up for $5.24!!  He is so over his swing, and exersaucer.  He's a busy boy, who will contentedly play in his pack-n-play for so long while we are doing school, then he is ready to be yanking books off shelves, pulling up on stuff and eating paper!  I think the jumper will be a good addition to our school time.
  • Brady is saying "Hi".  Sometimes he tries to say "Bye"  and he babbles ma-ma and da-da.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the Women of Faith weekend, its a wondeful experience. Praying for your sweet little Jenna. =)

Bonnie said...

Enjoy the time away. I too am leaving on the labor day long weekend in Sept for three days. I can't wait yet the guilt is there. I know my husband can handle the kids and he has his parents for help.

Praying Jenna heals fast.

Brady has grown SO much!

Awesome job on the running!!!! Keep it up.

BARBIE said...

Praying Jenna feels better soon! Have a great time at the conference!