Friday, September 30, 2011

Being still

Psalm 73:28 
But as for me, it is good to be near God. I have made the Sovereign LORD my refuge; I will tell of all your deeds.
Today Jenna asked, 
"Mommy, when you go up to heaven, do you not hab to cwean your room anymore?"
Life has been full to the brim lately.  I haven't had much time to FB, email or blog.  And honestly, I've been a little speechless.  Intentionally silent, yet unintentionally absent.  Time slipped on and day after day I just haven't felt like sharing.  I haven't had much to say, but lots to ponder and pray about.  I've been quiet and enjoyed time away from here.  Sometimes it's good to clear my mind of all the extra chaos, to not know what everyone else is saying and doing.  I guess, I realized that I care too much what others think, and I need to pull away from  the unnecessary distractions and noise of the outside world.  I have required time to search out my own ugliness and seek to deal with my own selfishness.
 It's easy to get cuaght up and over loaded by things that really don't matter.  To waste precious time absorbed in less important things.  My time is thin enough already, too scarce to miss living life or capturing moments with my family or my God.

In my quietness, I've been seeking to know God more, to hear His voice.  I've needed Him to speak, to answer my doubts and fears.  I've needed Him to build my faith.  I have called to Him and He has answered.  Daily life without Him grows tiresome and I grow weary.
With Him, I find my daily bread.  He is the lifter of my head and my portion forever.  Lately, I read God's Word in the morning and by lunch time I am empty again. With God there is always more, He is always enough.  In quietness I seek Him and in quietness I find Him. 
Quietness of spirit, certainly not from a quiet house.  No, Brady still knows how to cry, the kids still know how to fight, to chase each other around the house until the floors will surely collapse and Jenna hasn't forgotten how to throw a fit and half when she doesn't want to go to bed.  That is why I have to create my quietness where I can, to eliminate the distractions of the world.

The kids and I were able to make a short 20 hour road trip, with my mom, to meet my new niece earlier this week.  That started our fall break off, though I tried to squeeze in a schoolday today it was hardly beneficial.  We're looking forward to having Joe home next week.  Photography sessions are filling up in October, Joseph is full swing into flag football and loves every practice and game, somehow I haven't gotten many pictures of him actually playing.  It has been drizzly rain and nippy cold at every game so far.  Somehow I don't think Joseph will appreciate having only pictures like these of his flag football season.

I hope to be back soon with pictures of my niece, Selah Grace.  I must go for now, Brady is acting like a baby because I wouldn't let him chew on some plastic money coins. :)


Catherine Anne, Blessed Adventures said...

I love this window into your life~ Blessings to you.

Melissa said...

I having been in the same situation lately. Needing God love, grace, patience, etc mire lately than ever. I like u fill up and run empty before lunch. I grab my Bible more frequently then I have ever done. I am seeing more of me that I do not like but refining gold is always painful. I will pray for u and hope u return the favor. u r an awesome mommy and an inspiration to us all.